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  1. Davy

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP Mark.
  2. UK cut rifled barrel maker although he is semi retired these days and tends to leave stuff to his daughter. His barrel have an exceptional reputation.
  3. Davy

    Rifle stock bedding compound

    I had a Musgrave come in a while ago that had been bedded with Araldite and the bedding was still in fine condition however it had yellowed a bit at the edges. The customer said the work had been carried out in the early 90's and I suspect it will outlast the customer. My only issue with the stuff is the smell. I personally use Henkel industrial adhesives (Loctite) for a few applications including gluing barrel liners, mostly because the technical support is superb. I have some Hysol here however I am yet to use it so thank you for reminding me Dave!
  4. Davy

    Show us your shotguns!

    89 I had an '89 7000 come in to be scrapped last night and was so surprised at its condition I checked the serial hence having it to hand today.
  5. Davy

    Show us your shotguns!

    The last two letters of the serial under the lever are the year code: Z=1, Y=2, X=3, W=4, V=5, T=6, R=7, P=8, N=9 and M=0. My 6000 was new in 94 so NW and is the only new O/U I have ever purchased and still going strong
  6. Davy

    Show us your shotguns!

    Yes although I am not sure it is readily available over here. It shoots well, I did take it to a Clayground one Sunday morning and the trap man asked WTF was it. The red dot is remarkably good for clays as well as fluffy furry things.
  7. Davy

    Show us your shotguns!

    Top safety - FAC Mossberg Slugster with Magpul bits. I did the normal port work and it is finished in an FDE base and black Cerakote. Fun to put together however she never shoots it
  8. Davy

    Show us your shotguns!

    I put this together for my wife a while ago.
  9. If you go down the pre-45 service action type rifle, I would say either a 7,5x55 Schmidt Rubin K31 with dioptre or a Swedish M96 in 6,5x55 would be good places to start and they are both fairly sensibly priced and shoot well. I shoot a CG63 again in 6,5x55 built on an action dated 1898 however it was re-built by the factory (Carl Gustaf) in 1974 with early 60's sights so arguably not acceptable, you would need to check. The other rifle that is always a good starting point is anything built on a P14 and still chambered in .303 as they were incredibly accurate rifles out of the box. Mine fitted with the WW1 pattern fine vernier rear sight shoots very well. I did shoot a No1 Mk3* with a Central rear sight which was OK and such sights are available for the No4's as well and you can always stuff on a LW barrel with a CIP chamber on for accuracy. I fitted an original SA barrel to a No1 Mk3 last year and it was blindingly accurate, luck of the draw I guess Sadly your date range excludes the transitional rifles. It will be interesting to hear what you opt for.
  10. Davy

    Reloading the 22BR with CFE223

    Many thanks Laurie, I will stop with Varget although I might just load a very small handful with the CFE223 in the name of science
  11. Has anyone tried loading the 22BR with CFE223 for bullets in the 50-55 grain range?
  12. There are a few over here in the UK mostly being used for TR. This one looks to be one of the original Robertson composite H&H stocks based on the remnant of original duck egg blueish paint inside the butt which shows where the cheek piece has been removed. They are lovely rifles and rather special as they are a logical development by Chombart from the RPA Quadlock design before he moved to the M41 rear locker. Good luck with the sale MrDuston.
  13. A good way of telling if your 'scope is on its mechanical zero or not is to place a mirror in front of the objective allowing just a little light in, you will see your reticle plus a 'ghost reticle' align the two using the turrets and you are on the true zero across the horizontal and vertical axis. You can now bore sight and either zero using the bases if using Apel or similar or alternatively take a shot and see just how far you are out at a known distance. Zeroing the 'scope in such a manner is very handy for the multi turn turrets, especially if you are working with a pre-owned model. On the subject of Optilock, I am yet to find one that is significantly out and I recently had a Sako 75 .243 out for zero having zeroed the 'scope as described, it was a very still day and first shot was 3-4mm from the vertical, which for a mass produced rifle with so many variables was rather good.
  14. Davy

    22 Middlestead

    Hi Vince, I would be interested, I have a fast twist 22Cal barrel waiting for a suitable project for the Viking and this could just be it!
  15. Davy

    Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    I am always delighted with anything sub 2.5" under glass at 100 yards with a .357 Marlin 1894C. We tried one out to 300 yards once and it was superb sport trying to hit a 12"x12" plate. We were probably on the plate 1 in 15 shots once everything was zeroed. Who says only accurate rifles are fun

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