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meles meles

.458 SOCOM: your thoughts?

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We're contemplating a .458 SOCOM rifle and wondered if anyone here has experience of this calibre and, if so, what are your thoughts on it for:

1.  Subsonic performance (we already use a variety of subsonic loadings so appreciate it will have trajectory like a banana)

2.  Supersonic, i.e. high power loads

It will be used at ranges up to 300 mards for semi serious plinking / target shooting and maybe some occasional hunting where regulations permit.

If we choose to go ahead and acquire such a rifle, we're in two minds as to whether we should go for a 'traditional' bolt action rifle or an AR type platform. Our instinctive feeling is to go for a traditional style rifle as we prefer them to 'tacticool' black rifles though, that said, some of the awesome AR style rifles produced by Baldie and Bradders do rather appeal and we know they'll shoot awesomely accurately - we've seen at first paw that those chappies don't make anything less than 'wow!' What would you suggest, and why ?


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I like the sound of this , very different , very interesting . But if it were my choice and even occasional hunt then itd be a bolt gun . 100 % 

Sorry i can't help with any info , but it would def be fun sub hunting :)

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I think any issues would revolve around acquiring the correct .473 sized bolt and a barrel of suitable barrel blank.I don't see that there would be any function issues, even though it is a straight walled case....in an AR type rifle at least

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I believe lothar walther do .458 blanks and ar 15 profiled barrels aswell. A bit of an odd bolt face but I imagine one of the to AR guys could get a 0.541 bolt. 

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Don't have experience with either but I'd possibly look at the 450 Bushmaster. You may find it easier to source brass or at least make it from .284win brass. 

Id say whatever cartridge you go with, figure out how easily you can feed it - brass and projectiles - otherwise there might be little point. 

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Somethings are to be done because they can be done, not necessarily because they are easy :)

We considered .45 Bushmaster but settled on the .458 SOCOM. The more we think about it, the more we are tempted by an AR platform and if so we'd be looking at the likes of Bradders or Baldie once we have enough pennies in the jar. If we went for a conventional bolt action we'd be thinking of:

1. a barrel swap on a CZ 557 308 Varmint

2. investigating if a .458 SOCOM barrel could be fitted to our Schultz and Larsen Traveller


The video linked here gives an overview of the capabilities of the .458 SOCOM


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video added

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Looks more like an indirect fire weapon, trajectory is like a mortar at 300 ;p

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