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TRG22 or AI AT ?

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But a AI AW or new AT , end of story ,  the AW AT series are bullet proof designs , when you price a Sako with a folding stock or extra mags , the AI is same or cheaper .

The double feed / stack mags on the AW are fantastic , and 1/3 the price of Sako TRG mags , the AI  mags are much superiour to the Sako designs .

Why you would ever want  to unbond the action from the alloy frame/chassis is beyong me .

I have owned and used Sako TRGs , 21 , 41 , 22  over the years , until I finally brought my 1st AI , once that was done , ended up selling all my TRGs and replaceing them with AI s .

I use AW , AWM & AX338 at present , and want more , a AT/AX308 & a AXMC338 .

I have had no issue with AI mags , I have had jams out of the TRG 21/22 series 10 shot mags which are a double stack , single feed design , like a old Sten gun mag .

With the price point between the 2 brands being narrower than it was yrs ago , I would ALWAYS advise goining AI over Sako .


Later  Chris





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I've shot the AI & the TRG. They are both great rifles and both have fantastic accuracy. Try and get behind either one of them for a day and see if it fits your needs

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Also shot both rifles at the local club and settled on the AT 308 with folding stock so I can fold it over and remove bolt easy ,if its a fixed stock AT the cheek piece needs to be moved to remove bolt . AT has an adjustable stock with spacers to get your ideal LOP  . Didnt like the grip on the sako . both are heavy and dont move much so sight picture is very good ,shot a remy 700 with a light plastic stock and found it shoots all over the place - probably my inexperience but the AT is easy to shoot well .BTW   using the AI bipod and just load it up against the wood edge of the shooting pits and enjoy 10 shot groups of 3/4 inch . very happy AT owner ,.  

Cheers   Richie

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Ive owned several AI rifles, rebarrelled several and used them in tactical competitions and as long term high use stalking rifles.


Ive also rebarrelled two Sako TRG's for customers.


The AI is far superior in terms of durability and strength.

Accuracy - I nvere noticed the difference.


As Chris has said, the AI double stack mags just plain work - the Sako mags are flimsy in comparison.


Triggers,,,,,,dont get the TRG dirty, do what you like with the AI, it drops out, washes out and when put back carries on as new.


Ive seen electrolytic wear on TRG chassis where the action, recoil lug and through bolts are in contact.

AI, this doesnt occur.


You can rebarrel any AI as easily as the TRG - no you do NOT need to un bond the action (if you know what your doing with headspace guage and a measuring tool)


Stock sides wear on AI's (they are cheap to replace)

Stocks wear on TRG's......they are not cheap to replace.


Id have another AI if given the choice bettween AI or Sako TRG




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