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  1. Selling my beretta 686e shotgun. Gun has 28" barrels. Comes with geltek recoil pad, 5 internal chokes and beretta carry case. Gun is in excellent condition and has had very little use hence the sale. Sorry for poor lighting in the pictures. £1000 ovno.
  2. Late new year bump. I will split the rifle and scope, but rifle will be sold with moderator and remaining ammo.
  3. Ideal package for a winter stalk on the hinds.
  4. Final price drop. Grab some ammo and take the FCSA's advice and get out shooting.
  5. sean c

    338LM - 250gr velocity loads

    I load 95gn of N570 with a 250 Scenar using a Ruag case. That load gives me around 2900-2950fps, I can't remember the exact number. This is out of my bog standard TRG42.
  6. Yes the cases are still available. Not sure about bullets, maybe Ammozone.
  7. Sorry I thought I had notifications set for the thread. I have updated the pictures.
  8. Thanks, Im probably over estimating the round count to be honest.
  9. sean c

    7.62x54r Dragunov.

    I'm looking for a straight pull dragunov / tigr chambered in 7.62x54r. Either a complete setup with rifle, scope etc or just the rifle. I would prefer the longer barrelled version over the para version. Slot on license waiting and cash ready. Thanks, Sean
  10. For sale is my extremely unused Sako 85 Hunter in 6.5x55. I bought this rifle in August 2008 and to date the round count is below 160. Because of this lack of use I've decided it would be better to sell on to someone that would use it as I feel its a waste to have it sat in the cabinet doing nothing. The reason for purchasing the rifle originally was as a stalking rifle but it has never been anywhere other than my local range so is in very good condition as can be seen in the photo. The only blemish on the rifle is some light scuffs on the stock near the heal which can be seen in the picture, I think this was from either another rifle being taken out or put back at the side of it. Once I spotted this I bought gun socks for all my rifles and it has been kept in one ever since. The package consists of:- - Sako 85 Hunter R/H chambered in 6.5x55 - T8 moderator threaded in M14 - Sako Optiloc rings and bases. - Leupold VXL 3-10X56 Scope with a boon and crocket reticule, which matches the trajectory of both 156gn sako and 140 federal ammo very well out to 300yds which is the furthest I've shot it. - I have 80 rnds of PPU FMJ 139gn ammo as well which will be included, this was bought to use on range but I've only fired 20 of the 100 I bought. - 100 Once fired sako cases if I can find them. I am looking for £1700 ono for everything. I don't want to split the whole package but may split the scope and rifle. If the rife goes then the moderator and ammo will go as well though so it can all come off my license. I'm not in a desperate hurry to sell so no stupid offers please. Thanks, Sean.
  11. I have the following items to sell to clear out the last of my .50bmg gear. 40 CBC '08 Cases -£40 20 CBC '08 Loaded rounds -£2 ea 13 Winchester '45 Loaded rounds -£1.50 ea 7 Mixed brands and dates from '50-'90 -£1.80 ea All 40 rounds for £ 65 All items for £100 Thanks, Sean.

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