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  1. John MH

    Targetmaster Powder Trickler

    No comparison they are not the same thing. Targetmaster Trickler is only as good as the beam scale it’s paired with. Pair it with a good quality repeatable balance beam scale and it works really well.
  2. M2, welded lifter, oversize charging knob, oversize bolt release, picatinny rail fitted, Nordic components extra capacity tube, extended end cap.
  3. Get a T2k, Anschutz two stage trigger, quick barrel change and mags available in 10 and 20 round capacity.
  4. Interesting to know what they were able to shoot on a 'square' range. A problem in the UK is most 'square' gallery type ranges will not allow steel targets to be used and if permission is given, unlikely, it would be at a minimum range of 300m. MoD policy on steel targets is here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/413104/RSN_1502.pdf The RBL series that I was involved on some years ago was an attempt to get something more interesting to shoot with PRS type kit but range props were not an option when falling back to increase target engagement distance.
  5. Not yet but have some RS76 to try.
  6. John MH

    PRL 2020 - what would you change???

    The ELR format needs work if it's to be considered a serious competition, I'd like it to remain an option as part of a weekend package but be limited to 1200+ yards and ideally out to at least 2000 yards so venues are likely to be few.
  7. What type of AT stock is it? I have a RRS rail for an AT AICS but it does not fit early versions.
  8. John MH


    Not had any problems with RS80 other than that my V2 Autothrower did not like it. I got some RS76 as its supposed to be optimised for .338 size case. I have a good stock of Warner Tool Company Flatline solids, 198 grains for the .300NM and 285 grains for the 33XC, all with Tubb Ring Modification.
  9. John MH


    Might be a while, working away from home for the next 5 weeks.
  10. John MH


    Got some for my 33XC & 300NM not tried it yet though.
  11. John MH

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

  12. John MH

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Magnetospeed Flashers cost $150 each, that’s considerable investment required by venue owners.

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