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  1. There is not much need to be able to shoot ‘Mag Length’ as far as I can see, so whilst magazine feeding might be attractive it’s not really necessary.
  2. John MH

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Have fun, am out of country so cannot make this one.
  3. Not 300 Norma or .338 Lapua Magnums but should be fun getting it to shoot. I’m going to give the 33XC a tryout and maybe move up to 37XC next year.
  4. Managed to get 3100 FPS with 225 Grain ELD Match elevation predictions out to 1450 yards were spot on. It really makes those 12” round steel gongs spin when hit 😀 Hoping to get some 198 Grain Flatline bullets to try later on.
  5. John MH

    Tubb ATR

    Just got these together for a bit extra distance ELR: 6XC alongside for comparison
  6. Plug it into a USB power supply/pack and try.
  7. I got one late last year, can clamp Terrapin LRF or red dot to body, really clear image and great for spotting the ‘swirl’.
  8. John MH

    Tubb ATR

    115 DTAC Bullets at 3200 FPS.
  9. John MH

    King of 2 Miles in France

    Anyone using 33XC or 37XC?
  10. John MH

    Tubb ATR

    33XC Barrels ready for collection 😀
  11. John MH

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    You have to phone or email (split over a couple) your payment details through.
  12. John MH

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    Doug does export some of his products to the UK just not the Annealer AFAIK.
  13. New unprimed Winchester brand 22-250 cases, £28.00 per hundred posted.
  14. John MH

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Not a practical option on a rifle range, lot's of issues with authority to possess that type/calibre or ammunition, scales and chronograph calibration and accuracy, delays and arguments. Self certification is also impractical, what form does it take, what happens if there is an error in accredited published loading manuals and who accredits the loading manual. So many holes in this looks like it was thought up by someone of limited knowledge or practical experience of hand-loading.
  15. John MH

    AI Ax rifle accessories

    I think this fits both the AI AX rifle and the AX AICS, it wont fit the AI AXMC.

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