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  1. John MH

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Just ordered this addition.
  2. John MH

    AR Nerditry

  3. John MH

    AR Nerditry

    Do you mean SR25?
  4. John MH

    AR Nerditry

    You could be wrong, you have been before.
  5. John MH

    AR Nerditry

    WGAF, it was a guess hence the possibly.
  6. John MH

    AR Nerditry

    KAC SR25 possibly
  7. John MH

    General Election

    Interesting that there has not been a single mention of this march in the UK mainstream press despite the number of Hezbollah flags on display (featuring a fist clenching an automatic rifle and apparently allowed because the represent both the 'political' wing of that proscribed organisation as well as the terrorists wing (are they not the same?)). PC gone mad.
  8. The one for my AR was collected from Heathrow on Friday.
  9. John MH

    General Election

    I would suggest that after having £10,000,000 spent on it (£83,333 per flat) it was not 'sub standard', however, something was not done properly and that needs to be identified and action taken if there was any criminal negligence.
  10. John MH

    General Election

    McDonald Urges 1 Million to Protest Riot This is a deliberate marxist ploy to destabilise the UK Government.
  11. John MH

    General Election

    Unfortunately I can see a summer of riots on the horizon with the youth and those that feel socially deprived stirred up by the likes of comrades Corbyn, McDonald and McCluskey as they see and read the weakness of May.
  12. John MH

    General Election

    Deluded as usual.
  13. John MH

    General Election

    This description of the DUP Manifesto made me chuckle.

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