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  1. John MH

    K&M arbour press with dial force gauge.

    I've got one collecting dust.
  2. Thanks, BR4 it is then.
  3. Ok, thanks for the clarification.
  4. I was using Elcho 17 (RS62 & RL17 equivalent/same), 39.5 grains and a 115 grain DTAC. Might try and get some KVB-223M primers to try but will have to switch to BR4 from now.
  5. I only have limited experience with small rifle primers in .308 Bolt Face size cases and wonder if people have issues with reliable ignition using standard small rifle primers. I had a misfire yesterday with new Peterson SRP 6XC cases, on pulling the bullet the powder was scorched but did not burn, I was using Murom KVB-223 primers. What primers are those shooting 6.5 Creedmoor with Lapua SRP brass using?
  6. John MH

    S&B Reticle Data Sheets

    Always struggle to find the exact data sheet for the scopes I have on a general Goole search however, just found this which covers pretty nearly all S&B Scopes: https://www.schmidtundbender.de/en/downloads/category/176-data-sheets-reticles.html
  7. You might want to add a price.
  8. https://www.area419.com/product/imroved-bipod-rail-ibr-straight/
  9. Price reduced, £20.00 per hundred plus postage at cost. 6x 100 count bags available, all 6 together £100 plus postage at cost.
  10. John MH

    RS62 in 6x47

    Is RS62 the same as what was RL17 and Echlo 17? I'm using Echlo 17 in a 6XC, 39.0 grains and getting 3100 fps out of a 28" barrel with bare DTACs.
  11. John MH

    52gr SMK load data

    Yes, thats what I used to use but TR140 is no longer available under that name, there is an RS equivalent.
  12. John MH

    52gr SMK load data

    What is the intended application?
  13. John MH

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Fitted full V3 thrower conversion this evening. Works really well and the Bluetooth control via iPhone is awesome, certainly less faffing about. Area 419 straw fits new thrower but the original 'O' ring is to thick, as the threaded portion on the thrower is shorter, so get a thinner one.

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