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  1. Arrived this morning and exactly as described. Perfect
  2. ColinBR

    .22 zero problem

    A few factors there. First as above, try different ammo, then try removing the moderator if that doesn't work, and then try a different scope, making sure all is correctly tightened. Other possibility with the 455 is check that the barrel clamping screws are tight along with the action screw.
  3. Check the forum rules. You need to add a price
  4. ColinBR

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    I shoot the same competitions at our club. With same rules in regards to the no rear bag. I just use the bipod. I use a 4-16 power Hawke scope on a CZ455 Precision Trainer and scored a 100.4 last week. I set mine at 12x mag. So I'd doubt you'd need all that zoom though I know a lot of the guys at the club do use up to that magnification, though I'm not sure it gives them any advantage at that range. I'll admit though that I fancy the 6-24 sidewinder and have it on my watch list. I believe there is a sidewinder for sale on here at the moment that could be what your looking for.
  5. ColinBR

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    Stunning rifle again. Really need to decide on wither to go with a custom rifle for my first centrefire or go down the off shelf option till I learn the ropes. Anyway love the idea of the bighorn action and I have a real hankering to have something similar to this once. I get my finger out.
  6. ColinBR

    Wanted: .22 Semi Auto

    Sportsman gun centre are doing the precision model for £400 just now. That's where we got ours
  7. ColinBR

    Wanted: .22 Semi Auto

    We've had no issues at all unless they get dirty, but any semi auto suffers in that regard. Ammo wise we have used most standard velocity ammo, but find it likes the eley force ammo best. Blazer we found to be quite a dirty round and needed cleaning more and wasn't as accurate. We even use eley club in it with no issues and as you'd imagine accuracy is even better with those. Accuracy wise when you stick it on a bipod I can get close to my CZ452 shooting at 25 yards. It really is that good. Much better than a semi auto should ever be, though the Anschutz barrel has a lot to do with that.
  8. ColinBR

    Wanted: .22 Semi Auto

    Don't discount the MSR mate. It shoots amazingly accurately. Both myself and the father in law have 1 and you'd be surprised how well they shoot. Keep them clean (I clean mine every 500 rounds or so) and you have no issues.
  9. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    I don't think you can here unless it's new old stock. I know you could still get the 452 in left hand version for a while after the 455 came out, but not sure if that's still the case.
  10. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    One of these.
  11. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    Well finally bought a new rifle. Was all for getting the new Tikka T1x and seen 1 for sale locally that I was going to pop in for a look-see. But had a quick squint on guntrader to see what else was in that sort of price range and came across a CZ455 precision trainer which comes with a Manners T4 stock and heavy varmint barrel. Best price I had seen new for these was around £760 and this was up for £495 brand new. So quick look at the reviews and next day deposit was paid. Got the rifle yesterday and then fitted it with a cheap scope I had laying around till I get something decent and added a lighter trigger spring and bipod. Managed to get to the local club tonight to see how it shot and after 4 shots to zero the scope it's by far the most accurate rifle I've shot even with the barrel not even settled in yet. Put a group of 10 shots all touching and within 0.2" (25 yards so not exactly pushing it) without trying hard. This was with different ammo. Some cheap American eagle 40 grain and also some Remington T22 (I think). Didn't even get a chance to try the eley club I usually use. Really excited to see what it can really do once the barrel has been shot in and I stick a decent scope and bipod on it.

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