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  1. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    Nice rifle that and no doubt a cracking shooter. Looks very much like a Anschutz target rifle though which my dad has. Looking for something a little more modern.
  2. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    I was planning on going the route of the T1x and also then getting a T3x for range shooting (using the T1x as a trainer) but having thought about it I can’t really justify a centrefire rifle for just now as I spend most of my weekends on my motorbike, and wouldn’t get the use out of a centrefire.
  3. ColinBR

    Better problems to have

    Food for thought yes. I had a look at the Lithgow and look like a cracking rifle and shoots well. I was originally going to go for a Tikka T1x when it eventually comes out. The reason I thought about going down the custom stock route is that I could pick up a 452 and then have the adjustability to have the rifle how I like it for not much more money than a standard T1x would be.
  4. Hi guys I’m looking at buying a .22lr bolt action rifle, and I am weighing up my options. Currently I use an Anschutz semi auto MSR, and also my dads CZ 452 silhouette. (Both of which are great shooters, with only the trigger on the MSR letting it down) I’m toying with the idea of buying another CZ 452 and dropping it into a custom stock and making it my own rifle (having it set exactly for me with the custom stock), or buying the likes of a Anschutz 1710 and relishing in the quality and inherent accuracy built in. Both would work out to be around the same price, with the 1710 being secondhand, and by the time I bought a 452 and custom stock. The use would be mostly indoor shooting at 25 yards, but will also be looking into bunny bashing when I get the chance. Anyone have any thoughts on the above? Thanks
  5. ColinBR

    Cz 452

    If your feeling flush http://www.riflestocks.co.uk/rimfire-rifle-stocks.html
  6. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Yea that’s a bargain that, and as you say it ain’t going to go wrong
  7. Thanks. Just what I was looking at to be honest scope wise Let me have a think on it. It’s a bit more than I was wanting to spend on a CZ but admittedly yours has all the right bits on it.
  8. That’s fine. Can you tell me what scope is on there?
  9. Can you send me more details please including what comes with the gun thanks cburrows403@gmail.com
  10. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Yea looks like I’ve missed the boat on that 1
  11. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Where are you seeing them for £200?
  12. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

  13. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Again guys not fussed if it’s second hand if that throws something in the mix
  14. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    Not so keen on the reticle on that
  15. ColinBR

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    It was Simon I was speaking to on the phone. He’s pinged me a few pics of the new reticle. Looks good to be honest.

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