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  1. Got a Hawke Frontier in the post just now. If that doesn't measure up to my needs (might not focus down enough for the distance I tend to shoot at) I'll be ordering another 6-24 sidewinder. Only reason I don't have my sidewinder anymore is that my dad tried it and decided it was his, as you do.
  2. Yup used 1 for about 6 months now and can't fault it. Would buy another if it came to it.
  3. Meant to add that barrel is factory screw cut for a moderator, and comes with screw protector.
  4. Drill a small hole in the centre of the screw and use an 'easy out' to turn the screw out.
  5. CZ 455 22lr Precision Trainer with 20" barrel. For sale as I have now acquired a new rifle for benchrest shooting. These come in a Manners T4 stock and have a heavy 20" barrel as standard. Rifle used for indoor shooting only. I've had the rifle new since December last year and have put around 700 rounds through it. Extremely accurate rifle which I have found shoots Eley club very nicely. Included will be a Deben 6-9" bipod. 1 x 10 round magazine and 1 x 5 round magazine. Rifle has been fitted with the rimfire magic trigger kit. I'll include all the springs plus original with the rifle. Also available will be a Hawke 4-16x44 SF Vantage scope which is currently fitted to the rifle. Again bought at the same time as the rifle. Complete package including scope £700 Rifle including bipod £600 Willing to RFD at cost Cheapest online price I can find for rifle alone is £725 PM for more info and pictures.
  6. ColinBR


    Personally I'd use factory ammo till you get used to it, and see how well you take to it all. If you feel after that, that you want to step up, then maybe then think about reloading.
  7. Thanks Dellboy I've actually got some that for the little semi auto anschutz I use for fun. Do you know which Atlas clone you bought? Seen a few but not sure on quality
  8. ColinBR


    So really your asking for more ammo for your man maths then. Proper laughed reading that there
  9. That would be great thanks
  10. Those are just like the bipod/stands for a target rifle. Basically just to stop the rifle toppling over.
  11. Fitting a piece of picatinny rail definitely sounds like a more sound way to go.
  12. Hi Terry I think it's the angle on the mounting pads that are causing the movement. Yes I can bend the pads so that it mates up better with the underside of the stock, but I still get a little bit of play.

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