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  1. Received yesterday mate. My old man and my father in law were well chuffed
  2. ColinBR

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    I've found all my annies shoot well with both eley club and match. Unless I'm shooting a comp I just use Eley club for practice. Though to be fair the Eley match is worth the extra point it sometimes gives you on the card.
  3. ColinBR

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Lovely setup there mate. Time to put some more lead down range to see what it can really do.
  4. I'll take 5 please if you can ping me your payment details
  5. ColinBR

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Great shooting there Especially at 200 yards in the wind. Its definitely a shooter mate
  6. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Thanks again I'll have a look at those later. I'll start a new thread once I get on with it. Just ordered a tub of devcon and will decide if I'm going to do it in my garage with the small milling machine, or go whole hog and do it in work on the Bridgeport mill. Hopefully be able to do a detailed thread on how I get on with a few pics added in.
  7. ColinBR

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    300m is really good going mate. I've got my trigger down to 8oz, though I'm used to that from target prone shooting when in my teens. Breath on it and its away.
  8. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Ok I've decided to go ahead and bed the rifle, not only because I want to get the best accuracy, but have now found out that the current bedding area of the rifle has been damaged by the previous owner and is not sitting properly. Originally I had thought that my scope or rings were the issue but delving further you can clearly see and feel. The stock has been squashed at 1 end.
  9. ColinBR

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Stunning rifles mate and it'll be more than up to the job. Great fun and seriously good for training with for bigger calibres (mine isnt the MPR model but my dads is) I just need to get mine to shoot properly now. Previous owner had managed to damage the bedding area on the wooden stock, so need to go down the glass bedding route to fix it.
  10. ColinBR

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    Loving those stocks. Almost went down the route of. The T1X and was going to enquire about 1.of your stocks to go with it. Might still go down that route if I cant get my anschutz to shoot properly
  11. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Thanks all I'll have a look at whats out there online and use my own intuition, along with the great info given here. I've got a small milling machine out in the garage to use to mill out the areas for bedding.
  12. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Also maybe worth mentioning that I am a toolmaker to trade and work with CNC machines every day.
  13. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Hi guys All great info and really appreciated. The rifle I have is a 1416 D HB wooden thumbhole stock if that makes any difference
  14. ColinBR

    Stock bedding

    Hi all I want to bed the action on my 22lr Anschutz as I only use the rifle for target shooting, and want to get the best accuracy I can out of the rifle. Can anyone recommend a bedding compound, and any tips for bedding the action would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  15. ColinBR

    Advice for a .22 LR scope , informal BR and bunny bashing

    My dad has a Hawke Sidewinder 6-24 on his MPR and is more than ok in comps with it too. It was my scope till he borrowed it to see if he liked it. Needless to say I havent seen it since.

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