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  1. couldn't help noticing

    You can hire bikes for the day. The likes of the ‘small boys bike hire’ is very reasonably priced and you don’t have to bother with anything other than turning up.
  2. Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    Thanks for the reply’s guys. I have no issue with buying secondhand, and will have a look in the for sale section nearer the time. So for the money what would be recommended second hand wise then, and I will have a dig around online for more info on them? Thanks again
  3. I’m looking to start centrefire shooting this year with a .223 Tikka T3x out to a maximum of 500 yards, with the range our club uses being both 200 and 500 yards. Not sure on which scope to put on this though for up to a maximum of £400 (don’t want to pay too much just now as still not sure if I’ll stick to it yet). So looking for some recommendations on what to have a look at or what to avoid. Sorry it this has been asked a few times before and annoys anyone. T.I.A Colin
  4. couldn't help noticing

    Restored that 1 from a rather ratty state. My mate now has it, so not exactly lost yet
  5. couldn't help noticing

    The bike I wish I never sold
  6. couldn't help noticing

    Track bike
  7. couldn't help noticing

    Yea had a few of those. Lovely bikes on the road. Also had 1 as a track bike. Road bike
  8. couldn't help noticing

    My current steed
  9. couldn't help noticing

    Wouldn’t mind a norton for a second bike, but tend to stick to the Jap bikes for reliability
  10. Is that a flat out ban on semi autos, or is it a ban on centre fire semi autos, anyone know anymore details?
  11. CNC Foam cutting?

    Yup can vouch for Trojan crates work. We use them for our bench fitted foam.
  12. New Tikka rimfire

    Check the posts above mate. Looks like it is a drop in for other stocks too
  13. New Tikka rimfire

    Has anyone got 1 of these guns yet? Looking at getting 1 of these and wanted to know if it’s as good as it should be.
  14. Bighorn.

    Really liking the idea of these actions, and possibly something I need to look into before stumping up for an off the shelf new rifle. Was planning on going the .223 route and then onto .308 at a later date, so something like this may be better in the long run. I’ll ping you a pm for more info on this. Colin

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