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  1. Anything else available guys
  2. Thanks Alan I'll have a look see
  3. Hi guys My father has just picked up a Anschutz 64 Mpr for benchrest shooting and is looking for a bipod to suit the rail and rifle. He's stuck a Harris style bipod on the just now with an adapter for that rail, but was wondering what bipods are purpose suited for that type of rail, as the Harris isn't as steady as he'd like with using the adapter.
  4. ColinBR


    What alternatives are you talking about that are more accurate?
  5. ColinBR


    That's not quite true. If you want to go into real precision engineering, then tool wear can be compensated for during machining process. Wither that be by temperature control or CNC probing and compensating plus other methods. Biggest factors tolerance wise can be seen between materials used and temperature management that material can handle.
  6. ColinBR

    Remington 700 .223

    No problem Had a look at it myself. Looks a decent package.
  7. ColinBR

    Remington 700 .223

  8. ColinBR

    Remington 700 .223

    There's 1 on SD just now
  9. ColinBR

    .22LR Dilemma

    Yea it's most probably an isolated issue. Unfortunately it's put us off the rifle. Shame though as the 1 we had, had a lovely stock on it with some tiger striping. We wound ours down to the lightest setting and yes it still could be doing with going lighter again
  10. ColinBR

    .22LR Dilemma

    Let me know how it shoots mate. We had to send ours back as it wouldn't seat the round properly. Think they hadn't taken the reamer deep enough.
  11. ColinBR

    What optic to choose

    Hawke sidewinder 6-24 is a damn good shout
  12. Arrived this morning and exactly as described. Perfect
  13. ColinBR

    .22 zero problem

    A few factors there. First as above, try different ammo, then try removing the moderator if that doesn't work, and then try a different scope, making sure all is correctly tightened. Other possibility with the 455 is check that the barrel clamping screws are tight along with the action screw.

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