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  1. Hobbit

    Custom dies - body die

    Catch Thanks - I'll look up those custom guys
  2. Hobbit

    Custom dies - body die

    Gandy yes please - I have searched Lee and they do a pacesetter set but I am really looking for a neck collet die given the results (runout) I have been getting - not sure what set yours is? thanks
  3. Hobbit

    Custom dies - body die

    Catch Very helpful whats the process here - send a fireformed case? whats the import story? , How did you find the results from the dies? Cheers Hobbit
  4. Hobbit

    Custom dies - body die

    Gandy - are you suggesting contacting Lee?
  5. Hobbit

    Custom dies - body die

    Does any body have any experience on getting custom dies made and sent to the UK? My current preferred reloading method is to use the body die (to bump 2 thou in a bolt, 4-5 though in a blaser or AR) and seater from a Redding competition type S die set and Lee collet neck die (I recently found that the latter gives me better run-out than the rather expensive redding comp bushing neck sizers that come in the set and apparently works the brass less) This is great for 308, 223, 6.5CM and 300 Win Mag but I can't get either the Redding or lee dies in 7x64 Brenneke Currently I FL size the 7x64 with a standard redding die and run in a sinclair mandrel at .282 for 2 thou neck tension - which is ok but not quite the run out tolerances of the lee die and the effort of withdrawing the expander suggests I am working my Lapua brass hard So I wondered if this was an opportunity to try out the custom dies route - I have ordered a lee collet die in 280/7mm express to experiment with but that still leaves bumping back the shoulder without over working the neck which I think my FL dies is doing. I recognise that I may be overthinking this and the marginal gains are questionable but learning new approaches and experimenting is one of the reasons I enjoy reloading so any insight and anecdotes appreciated
  6. Hobbit

    300 Win Mag Reloading

    I have just started reloading 300 win mag - I have a custom Bartlein 30' heavy barrel fitted to my AI AXMC The distance to lands is quite long deliberately to accommodate the newer high BC bullets I load a hornady ELD-M 225 gr to an dal of 3.73 which is still 30 thou off the lands I am using N165 to protect the barrel but 72.3gr gives me a sedate 2720 fps (note the extra length to lands increases available space in case and reduces pressure - as ever - you work up your own loads) but the BC deals with the wind as a side note I am using Peterson brass which I sorted but in truth was at least as uniform as my Lapua in other calibers - really good stuff, out of production at the moment but I added 200 pieces to my 100 last week from Dauntsey I have Redding competition sets but actually now use a lee collet die on the neck with threading body die because I get less run out than with the much more expensive competition bushing neck die from Redding I also noticed 10 thou of growth in the case on first firing and will headspace from neck from now on - by setting the should back by 3 thou or so - I am not an expert but this is my experience
  7. Hobbit

    300 Win Mag loading

    Laurie Very helpful as ever - I'll look up some of the match primers you suggest Thanks
  8. Hobbit

    300 Win Mag loading

    Andrew Whilst I applaud you economy of words I would like to clarify your position ? for the avoidance of doubt your are suggesting, like Incisor, that non magnum primers are the way to go?? Duey I completely get it - if it works crack on with the shooting - my barrel was not cheap and it s a lot more finite that a 308 so agree hence my aim to get a solid steer and go with that I have seen a lot of love for the federal 215 magnum primers from the US Cheers
  9. Hobbit

    300 Win Mag loading

    Duey Thank you - does that mean magnum primers have 'more oomph' and help with ignition rather than just being harder and able to cope with higher pressures without flattening etc??
  10. Hobbit

    7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    Just wanted to follow up on this and share my findings I experimented with the redding dies and the sinclair mandrel With the redding FL die I was getting 4 though run out on the necks fairly consistently and what looked like high neck tension With the FL die but with sizing button removed and a sinclair carbide mandrel (as Laurie suggested) I got consistently sub 2 though run out and a nice smooth bullet seating that suggested the expected 2 though neck tension. So thank you Laurie. I only wish they did lee collet dies in this caliber. I am only using a Lee classic turret press as I find setting up the dies on the turrets very handy so this may have an effect and I am not the most skilled loader but it was a fair direct comparison.
  11. Hobbit

    300 Win Mag loading

    Hi I am about to work up a load for a new 300WM 30" bartlein that Mik put on my AI AXMC planning to use 225gr ELD-Ms and N165 (gets to where I need it with the 30" tube and not too savage on the barrel) I have Peterson brass that sorted very uniform indeed I was wondering about primers - should I use a magnum primer or not - will be aiming for a stiff if not actually hot load I have a redding competition die set but suspect I will actually use the lee collet die over the neck bushing die or at least do a comparison I understand that magnum primers are more about pressure resistance that any ignition effects - is this correct?? any suggestions on the primer front or any other aspect of this small project thank you
  12. Hobbit

    Quickload help - inputting new bullets

    Tralle thank you for that - I have put the bullet in - I will triangulate with a few other similar bullets to check I have not messed it up but intuitively it looks ok thank you
  13. Hello I am looking to work up a load for a new 300 win mag 30" barrel that Mik has just put on my AI-AXMC I have quickload 3.9 which I am pretty sure is quite recent - but it does not have the hornady 225gr ELD-M's that I am planning to use I have looked at the create new bullet file within add data.... / Projectile bullet data but can't see how to input data for just one bullet within and existing file (hornady) Any guidance gratefully received thanks Hobbit
  14. Hobbit

    hornady eld match

    Then you are back with the ELD's In his book Nathan Foster thinks that the ELD-M's expand as well as the X's but he does talk about game size and mv being a contributor - his book on cartridges has a bunch of info by bullet type and caliber

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