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  1. Hobbit

    Ammo Wallets

    Again - I understood that in a public place they should be in a slip or case - where I rough / walked up shoot it is insisted on. Whether this is law or just not to antagonise the police I do not know but I would assert that anyone walking around in public with a rifle or shotgun (not on a permission but on a road etc) is asking for trouble and not doing the rest of us any favours
  2. Hobbit

    Ammo Wallets

    +1 on Ulfhednar - 40 slots and, as Baldie says, very good quality
  3. Hobbit

    Ammo Wallets

    Genuine question - would our esteemed constabulary not take issue with someone travelling to and from a range or stalking ground with a bunch of loaded mags? I remember being told not to do it with an air rifle before I had a FAC
  4. Hobbit

    Inherent Cartridge accuracy

    Hi I just wanted to ask a question about accuracy between cartridges. You hear people talk about "inherently accurate" cartridges - .284win, 6.5 by 47 etc and I wanted to hear what people think about this phenomenon and what case and calibre characteristics drive it. I am talking about long range accuracy. The elements of accuracy that I can think of (with drivers) are: 1, Good short range accuracy - low dispersion from barrel. The 100 yard grouping test etc. For this on top of rifle characteristics (barrel, action, trigger, sights), shooter ability and quality of ammo (general qualities such as neck tension, concentricity etc rather than cartridge specific qualities I can only think of low recoil and, perhaps, a low BC bullet /slow twist barrel combination which the BR guys use at short range. Perhaps long for caliber necks are helpful? or calibers where Lapua makes brass? more rigid short actions vs standard or long (308 vs 30-06). Is there something about size of accuracy nodes - some cartridges easier to get shooting?? 2,Specific long range drivers - At long range I can see BC obviously being important for environment but that is more calibre vs specific cartridge. So that leaves ES/SD of velocity which hits vertical spread - SRPs helpful here I understand. I thought Litz debunked the short fat cartridge advantage idea ... or what that case fill percentage? Perhaps it is a combination of factors (recoils, speed, BC, easy nodes and quality components) but there has got to be a reason the 6.5-284s and now the straight .284s achieve F class success and Vince chose the short magnums for his record setting. Or is it the case the rifle and the shooter is 9 tenths of the battle and cartridge choice is more subjective? If I missed this being done to death earlier apologies (did look) just interested in what people think as I mull a multi caliber build
  5. Very helpful on the app - and yes, that's a pity. I am iPhone/Ipad so a loss of functionality then. App aside is the Labradar easy to set up / align and get going? The magneto speed has been totally reliable for me btw
  6. Completely agree - if the Labradar is reliable - even better if the app works. I already have the magneto speed but am very interested in the Labradar, ideal for a multiple gun range session. You can use it every session and spot velocity drop offs , effect of temperature etc with POI shift - unlike the magneto speed. My concern is the reports of fragility (see Frank Gali on the hide etc), poor support, finicky operation and a buggy app. Keen to know if there is a trick to make it work. It seems some people love it and some loathe it.
  7. I have a Magnetospeed and it gives me an approx 1.5MOA drop in POI on an allegedly stiff Proof Research barrel I heard that the Labrador interface with an iPhone is buggy - if it was not the Labradar would look very attractive to me
  8. Andrew I think the Non US Labradars are less powerful due to regulations so measure V for 30% less distance - may reduce effectiveness in measuring BC - theoretically I see you are in the US so not an issue for you
  9. Extremely helpful, thank you!
  10. Hi I have an AI muzzle brake on my AXMC with the moderator that fits over it. Its a great system but not compatible with my other rifles given the (I think) 18x1.5 threads rather than 18x1. I bought a Sporting services version for a spare barrel but again it was 18x1.5 threaded with no option to use a different thread. I would like to use this brake and mod system on another rifle (say TRG with proof research bull barrel) but then I would need to get a 18x1 not 18x1.5 thread. Does anyone make an aftermarket brake that is compatible with the AI mod but can have a 18x1 thread?? Thank you and pols if I have missed an obvious thread on this
  11. I saw this for the proof research switch barrel rifle - quite a palaver compared to the AXMC - which I am increasingly appreciating Do you need to change the bottom metal on the Bighorn?? are there any implications for what you can do with bedding on the TL3? does it need to come out of the stock?
  12. Very helpful - thank you if the barrels in question have been custom fitted to the specific action and head spaced in this process can you, after this process, continue to swap out these barrels without recourse to head space gauges?
  13. Either way would be good to hear from someone on the ease of barrel change and mag length/feeding qestions thank you
  14. I may be mistaken but thought the 300 Norma used a 338 LP case
  15. What a great set up .... and action specifically I am interested in a multi calibre rifle in Long action built around a Big Horn and probably a PSE stock as a lighter weight option Can I ask the following: 1, How easy is the barrel switch?? I have an AXMC and even with the 300 WM to 308 it is super easy, I use a cyclist torque wrench to be exact with the barrel pinch bolt but it is the work of minutes with no other tools and the mag housing insert is beautifully made and easy to use - do you need a vice for the Big Horn? 2, How do the magazines and feeding work in the action - 300 Norma Mag to 6x47 is superb flexibility but on top of the bolt head with what do you need to do with the mags/ mag housing Thank you

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