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  1. Tactical Marlin.

    Grum - who would you recommend? Gunner - the pictures were baldies - it was black with a shorted barrel and tube mag, a muzzle break and adjustable cheek piece - made me smile
  2. Powder measures

    Varm great - thanks The lyman gen 6 is fine as you say but I have a Lee perfect powder measure and I'm sure it will save me time if used with a trickler I still need the trickler for the lyman and it is a pain to clean I use RS62 as well in my creedmoor and the grains are long - pretty sure a precision bit of kit like the BR3 would munch them up
  3. Powder measures

    thanks all - very helpful I have a leed powder measure in the drawer so may go back to that with a trickled and scales
  4. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    Braiders is an expert in platting hair to the most exacting standards in all the most fashionable contemporary styles and a well known authority on UK firearms law - a polymath and true renaissance man I'm somewhat surprised you don't know him Bradders, I had been led to understand that your were distantly related
  5. Tactical Marlin.

    I thought this creation by Baldie was so cool I saved the page Unfortunately the grasping photobucket muppets have disabled the images Quick question Has anyone ever re-barreled a marlin - perhaps with a better blank especially given the highly variable/average quality of marlin barrels I accept that larger caliber barrels with lead bullets and small powder will likely not get shot out - just wondered if an upgrade is possible?
  6. Powder measures

    Hello I have been using a Lyman electric scale followed by an accurate/repeatable jeweller scale and trickled to measure powder I think I may have be missing a trick - I wait 45-60 seconds for the electric powder throw and then trickle to real accuracy Surely I would be better off in this case - precision powder measuring for relevant ammo, to get a decent, lever based single throw, powder measure and then use the scale to speed things up / get rhythm rather than waiting on the electric lyman version What does everyone use here for their more pedantically manufactured precision ammo? Not an experienced weights and measures person so any tips and tricks much appreciated
  7. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    Great - that was where I was going Basically I have a couple of fixed barrel rifles where I will likely want to upgrade the barrels in the future and, unless there is some resale value issue which even then I am not sure I can be bothered with, I will likely hand over to an appropriate gunsmith and get the job done. The good news is that this sounds like a repair not a like for like firearms transaction so no need for mucking about with a variation However for with barrel rifles where the barrel itself is listed on the licence I think I would need the one for one variation order Thank you braiders, Vortex and all
  8. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    understood - What I mean is - if I have say an AR15 type rifle and I wanted you to rebarrel it in the same caliber and keep/scrap the old barrel - do I need a one for one variation or can you fit the barrel to the registered rifle and deal with the barrel??
  9. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    agreed but what if you replace the barrel on the rifle and scrap the old one??
  10. Hi - I have been having some rather convoluted conversations about switch barrel rifles and which bits constitute the actual rifle and which bits do not Got me thinking If you re-barrel a rifle on your FAC do you need to do a one for one FAC variation?? If you were to scrap a shot out blaser barrel with one of same caliber presumably you would have to do the one for one variation as it is a separate listed component - does this also apply to fixed barrel rifles? Thanks Hobbit
  11. Very nice indeed - Out of interest how do you bed a PSE stock?
  12. Paul I think that is a fair push and no, the review is not gospel and neither is (even remotely) my opinion but, in advance of Erics's response, here it is First off - I have a Recon and now a Crusader - and no PM2 so this is very lop sided opinion The glass is excellent alongside my Swaro X5 and Z8i, Nightforce NXS 8-32, and March 5-50 scopes I found this precision rifle blog detailed research interesting on top of the more cheer leading / opinion based Utting/Tiborsaurus youtube posts .. http://precisionrifleblog.com/2014/09/19/tactical-scopes-field-test-results-summary/ - see summary chart below Lets be clear - the PM 2 came first in the test !! - but when you look at the results the Recon scored best in tracking and 2nd best in tracking plus optics - second only to the hugely expensive hendsolt. It loses out on features due to a lack of reticle choice I believe. My logic was that: 1, The tracking is key to LR performance and the only wholly non subjective criteria 2, Can't argue with Schots glass 3, Happy with the reticle - think it is actually very good including floating illuminated dot 4, Much cheaper than PM2 and with free tier one mounts - I have a strong sense this is driven by a low (Romanian) cost base and restricted product offering focused on 'function over form' rather than cost cutting coupled with S&B taking the piss on pricing like a lot of the big brands from the likes Beretta and Nightforce down. (See the new Polish Delta scoped btw) 5, My Brother has a PM2 and a, we try to get different stuff for fun and b, I always like to think I have the best gear so I obviously hereby accept my credibility is pretty tenuous but I have played with said 5-25 PM2 6, I also have heard some of the reliability issues with the PM2s and wonder if this comes with trying to offer too much variety of product over build quality Having bought the IOR's I am happy and love the bank vault build quality but would say: 1, They are very heavy and I am happy to have a March on my Dolphin/BAT/Proof custom and Swaros on my Blasers - These are AXMC and TRG fodder for me 2, Not pretty - utilitarian - see point 1 3, Richard Utting likes the fussy paralax/focus to get the best out of the optics - I am less keen personally 4, Given the non life and death nature of use I am sure the choice between the two is well within the personal taste/whim confidence window 5, The Crusader 5-40 FFP is even better and still well cheaper than virtually any PM2 - but points 1-3 apply x2 Any way - there is a detailed non-answer to your question Cheers
  13. Which ballistic app

    TJC I was told 100m vs 100 yards and then ranged it with my swaro bins and got 111 yards I won'y die in a ditch on the subject ;-) but that is the data I have Cheers and happy new year
  14. Which ballistic app

    GBAL I think you are spot on - I got a 0.4MOA vertical deflection - very interesting - not huge but still 1cm at 100m
  15. Which ballistic app

    great - thanks Gluv that helped me find same functionality on the Applied ballistics app Happy new year

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