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  1. apologies - this is the more relevant video
  2. Thanks this is very helpful gents - I can't help but agree on the remote point - not an issue if the phone app works but that seems to not be the case - the logic will likely be - use the phone app I will archive and start a new series every time I shoot 5 yards on a load test and the long lead of the magneto speed makes that easy - the hand guard attachment used by David Tube on his new gun looks a good idea btw If the app worked reliably then I would be tempted - but I get very little POI change with the magneto speed so it is probably worth waiting until they release a reliable app
  3. Just checking in to poll the latest from the labradar users It looks like a good bit of kit but fiddly to use - alignment and applications although I understand that there are tricks to getting the iPhone app to work I am using a V3 magneto speed and it seems ok and very easy to use on the range and with my iPhone and PC - but wonder about the harmonic issues On the other hand I wonder if the Labradar gives true muzzle velocity and I mean V0.0000 rather than initial point of engagement if it faces away from the muzzle what has been peoples experience - both initial and as they built up experience Thank you H
  4. Hobbit

    Pmii tunneling question

    how do these lightweight ultra short S&Bs compare to the equivalent March scopes? Has anyone used both?
  5. Hobbit

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Baldie - do you do barrel to action thread protectors for the AXMC? something like this, to protect spare barrels when they are in the safe https://www.milehighshooting.com/hrd-gear-bhs-m30-accuracy-international-axmc-barrel-chamber-thread-protector-cap-m30/ Thanks
  6. Hobbit

    AR legal question

    Thank you and point made and taken
  7. Hobbit

    AR legal question

    Hi and merry Christmas! A quick question on storage of AR rifles Does the lower of an AR also need to be stored in a safe if detached from the upper? If the upper has the bolt, receiver and barrel and the lower only has the mag housing trigger and buffer spring then, if separated, could the upper and bolt be stored in the safe and the lower left out? Thanks
  8. Hobbit

    Implications of case fill percentage

    Laurie Thanks - does this then, by extension, apply to powder column? The short fat cases are touted as 'efficient" I recently got a 7x64 barrel for my R8 as the 7mm option given it had the twistrxte for heavy bullets and you can get lap cases without any necking up. is there any reason a .284 win (in a standard action which it would need to be to seat the long, high BC bullets) would be more accurate than a 7x64 given case shape - I take it it might use less powder for the same velocity
  9. Hobbit

    Implications of case fill percentage

    Thanks, just ordered it from brownells
  10. Hobbit

    Implications of case fill percentage

    I think Laurie voiced his skepticism of the suggestion that the short fat cartridges were more accurate/consistent than the longer ones - 284 vs 280 on another blog thought i’d Get an empirical draw vote on the fill percentage
  11. Hobbit

    Implications of case fill percentage

    Fair enough - So it’s not proven or even generally accepted? I personally just do a load ladder and look for the low SD and velocity flat spot with an easily available powder that suits the caliber but then I found that 123 button in quick load and wondered if it was a better way to choose a powder and if so should I care about fill%age as well as P and V??
  12. Hobbit

    .357 lead

    I use ramshot zip - around 6.5 gr under a 158 grain lead bullet - I really would get a load book and work up in 0.2 gr increments - so 6, 6.2, 6.4, 6.6. 6.8 and 7 for the 158 gr / zip combination I mention so you tune your load to the rifle I have also heard it suggested that mixing jacketed and lead bullets is bad for accuracy but have not seen it myself - I am not that accurate with my marlin
  13. Hobbit

    QD mount return to zero

    Got it Is that a tubb gun? Is there a POI shift between calibers? do you need to re-zero?
  14. Hobbit

    Borden Alpine .308

    Got it, thanks
  15. Hobbit

    Borden Alpine .308

    Great looking rifle - quick question - "I wanted a tight unbedded fit" what is the advantage of an unbedded action versus bedded? Thanks

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