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  1. looks like phillips321 has bought a bloody good scope,he wont be sorry.
  2. banus02

    Cz replacement stock

    i have a wooden stock that came off a cz452 american 16" barrelled 22lr
  3. good morning ,yes norma use hornady vmax bullets as do sellier and bellot,the only difference is s+b use green tips but they are made by hornady.i i am also informed that hornady supply bullets to winchester and federal and other ammo makers. nosler do the same thing.
  4. SOLD webtex dpm range/sniper/drag bag 48" £50 ,used not damaged twin shoulder straps,twin carry handles multiple pockets with internal straps.pm if interested.postage is £8 and is not included in the price cheap as it is. SOLD
  5. banus02

    CZ 452 opinions

    good morning ,i have used cz 452 since they first came out,22years if i recall correctly,never missed a beat both my 22lr have fired in excess of 10000 rounds and have earned their keep never had a problem and very accurate.
  6. banus02

    .223 action

    cz 527 varmint with badly pitted barrel mauser mini action.
  7. banus02

    New .243 load help

    has your new to you rifle been rebarrelled? i have not seen a 1 in 8 and what make? as a fast twist why not use 105/107 gr bullets i have a 1in 10 twist tikka and it loves 70 nosler b/t ,it shoots the sierra 85gr ok but not as good as the lighter bullets.n140 imr 8209 xbr for 85gr and now rs 52 for the 70gr. .
  8. 308 winchester brass. 237 ppu once fired brass deprimed £50 posted,also 100 geco brass once fired primed with federal 210 primers £30 collection only
  9. banus02

    Murom kvb223 old copper coloured ones.

    dont know if this helps ,i bought a few thousand from hps,they will possibly be at bisley this coming weekend.
  10. i have an unopened tub of rs52 powder which i would like to swap for an unopened tub of rs62/rs70/n160.
  11. banus02

    cz 452 stock 22 rf

  12. banus02

    George Balfour

    ,another great loss to the shooting community rest in peace george
  13. pm your mobile and i will whatsapp some across when i can.
  14. for sale vortex 30mm rifle scope bubble level bl30 £40 posted also second 30mm bubble level sit in the center of the mount/above scope £35 posted.
  15. banus02

    Scope level

    pm sent
  16. banus02

    Scope level

    tried to pm you but it says you bcant receive messages.!
  17. banus02

    243 powder

    i use n140 at 38grs 70gr nosler b/t and rs 52 at 37grs 87gr vmax 20" tikka sv both accurate the rs52 will kill the barrel sooner! pressure signs at 40gr n140 case marks and stiff bolt at 39grs rs 52. lapua or ppu cases
  18. banus02

    Nv add on

    i have a sniper cam,inherited it and never used it. put your location on the forum as per rules and i MAY be able to show it to you.comes in a bag with all the lenses and wires etc and pebble battery
  19. banus02

    scope suitability 6X42 S&B

    + + as the cornishman says,
  20. banus02

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    dont buy cheap! get something you know will be reliable.i would say out to 600 a decent veriable scope .depends on your eye sight but up around 3x12x50/56 leupold will get you there,ziess/s&b/swaro/delta .if you buy cheap or some thing all singing all dancing you will spend more money later on !i have spent a lot of money on good quality scopes and have never been unhappy with my choice.personal choice would be to avoid hawke as i dont know any one that has been happy with them and most get sold on quickly.save for a bit longer.good luck with your choice.
  21. i was asked this evening if the ban affected straight pull rifles or ruger precision rifles or any other type black rifle my answer was i dont know .does any have a definitive answer ?

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