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    try fitting fresh batteries you may have shorted the old ones out.
  2. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

  3. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

  4. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

    they have some 85gr sp but the varmint type so not any good for my use.thank you anyway it was worth a look.
  5. banus02

    wanted 243/6mm bullets

    still looking any 75/95gr sp /vmax/hp
  6. banus02


    we have to try ,this family want their dog back!
  7. banus02


    we have had 30 plus traveller caravans arrive locally today,parked on public parkland in didcot,i will have a walk that way in the week to see if they have any thing that looks like your dog.ifso i will call police.
  8. banus02

    Gun powder news ?

    it is 15 kg and does NOT need to be stored in a wooded box unlike black powder, depends how much you shoot but its a fair bit cheaper per kilo if you buy 3.5 kilo tubs.£220 to £240 on average against £85 per kilo.
  9. yukon photon 6.5x50 xt very good condition . £300 including postage also available nite tec t50 with two rechargeable batteries £50
  10. SOLD for sale are 296,100gr amax bullets in 6.5 caliber .£85 posted SOLD
  11. does the kick ease pad have a particular rifle it fits on to? ie does it say on the packaging for tikka t3 or howa etc.
  12. good evening,can you post pictures of the retical please and is the tube 30mm or 1"? thank you.
  13. banus02

    Sightron Stac 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 MOA or Mil IR dot reticle

    good evening ,i use the delta for stalking and foxing using a lamp and a sniper cam and the scope is very good with both.good luck with your search .ian
  14. banus02

    Sightron Stac 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 MOA or Mil IR dot reticle

    have a look at the delta titainium 2.5x18x50 illuminated a much better scope to my eyes.
  15. banus02

    180gr hornady sst

    location and caliber and perhaps use the for sale section.
  16. can you post pictures of the HEADS! ARE THEY LONG HAIRED OR SHORT. or are you selling bullets!!!!!!
  17. banus02

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    243,job done,55gr to 100 grain
  18. if you ever come down south oxon/newbury area i would like this!, good luck with the sale though.
  19. banus02


    rocol ox24 gun cleaner/oil
  20. for sale one 223rem cz 527 24" laminated grey varmint stocked,set trigger ,threaded 1x14,1 in 9 twist,comes with two 5 round magazines .£395.also one 1x14 threaded jet z compact 223 moderator.£200. second rifle is a 243 winchester coyote lite semi heavy 24" stainless fluted barrel comes in a bell and carlson alloy bedding block stock with two bypod/sling swivel stud at the front and one at the rear,standard 1 in 10 twist and has a 1/2 thread.£495 also a jet z compact 25 cal moderator £200.the 223 rem has less than 500 rounds fired and the 243 has had 600 rounds fired.these are used rifles .
  21. good evening i am on the oxon/berks border ox 11 area

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