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  1. Is this yet another Knee jerk reaction,by parliament if these thugs want to shoot you or stab you THEY WILL. All hand guns have been banned from the general public since 1996 but gangland shooting still goes on with Handguns,having knifes with a blade over 3ins has also been banned for some time BUT the use of large Rambo style knife are used daily in these attacks.Banning legally held Guns is not the answer!
  2. ergid

    Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    Hi,have you tried fitting a camera lens with a bayonet fitting,it works really well on the Photon Extreme,its worth a try !
  3. ergid

    6x42 mk2 photon

    Hi,try a different Mod,or just try it without a mod, I had a .22Lr and thought that it was my scope"s fault but it turned out to be a faulty Mod.
  4. ergid

    6x42 mk2 photon

    I would have a look at your mounts first especially if you fitted the photon with adjustable ones, has one of the lenses come loose? are the action screws tight? Let us know if you find the fault.
  5. Try a 12 ftlb and a fac 30 ftlb-40 ftlb in 22 with a 16g pellet. As you have a FAC adding a FAC Airgun should be no problem. Sub 12ftlb go with .177 or .20 if you are shooting over 30y as the .22 will start to fall dramatically after this range & it is affected by cross wind much more. Granted a FAC PCP will have a much less shot count but when do you need 80 to 300 shots. Another plus to FAC is that you can shoot a crow at 70-80y compared to a 12ftlb 35-50y.
  6. ergid

    best moderator for 17hmr

    Hi, Richard Uttings made review on .17HMR silencers on Youtube,its worth watching if you are after a mod for your HMR.
  7. ergid

    Ruger 10/22 wood stock wanted.

    hi are you still after a stock?if so I have a wooden stock in NR mint condition.
  8. ergid

    Ruger 10/22 wood stock wanted.

    hi are you still after a stock?if so I have a wooden stock in NR mint condition.
  9. ergid

    Barrel cleaning advise please

    Yes it was a Hoppes bore snake,believe Me you do not want a bore Snake jammed in your barrel. I would recommend a rod and a bore guide if you can find one for your rifle.
  10. ergid

    Barrel cleaning advise please

    Hi ,I had a bore snake stuck in the barrel a few years back whilst cleaning it in the field,what a nightmare ,it took me hrs to get out , you could not rod it out ,in the end I had to clamp the gun to a bench vice and tie what I had pulled through to a CAR JACK then slowly pull it out Needless to say I would Never use a bore snake again on such a small caliber ,so be warned .
  11. Hi Mark ,look no further than Ludicrous lumens web page, have bough a fair few torches from Andy.
  12. ergid

    Starlight Longbow

    Hi ,another excellent mount worth a look is made by Laserluchs it has a swivel ball head mount ,it would make your setup more compact ,there is an offer on them at the moment £41.00 instead of £59.00.
  13. ergid

    yukon 6.5x50

    I had the same problem , there are 2 types of adjustable sportmatch mounts ,one that only adjust the height and the other is fully adjustable. If you buy the mounts ,you only need to make small screw adjustments at a time . Have you got a doubler?
  14. if you are after rechargeable 123 ,try Torchy the battery boy,they have the best running time that I have come across
  15. ergid

    Pcp air rifle

    Have a look at a AA s200 S/H ,you should be able to pick one up in vgc for £400

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