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  1. Can you bolt it to the floor?
  2. Hi, I tried the pard with a powerful LED Ir but there is a much better picture with a Lazer Ir, this is the opposite to when I use a gen 3 Archer.
  3. Why sell the best scope you have Ever owned?
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of fitting an Accu-Shot monopod on My GRS Berserk, just wondering if someone has already fitted one on the GRS Stock?
  5. ergid

    Icotec gc500

    I have the same unit, this tends to happen when your batteries are running low.
  6. ergid

    Ruger 10/22

    I concur have a look at UK Gun trader there is a 10/22 rimfire magic for sale £750.
  7. ergid

    Cleaning regime

    Hi I deep clean after 100 rounds, the reason for this is that I reload and make a batch of 100 rounds so a few fouling rounds then try the new batch. To be honest I haven't shot so many rounds before cleaning that I see a change in accuracy. I will inspect every screw , grease the bolt lightly clean and grease the thread for the mod , Have a look at the gun sling + the swivels,I've had 2 instances where the swivels have broken.😱 This is My method for cleaning, everyone has their own, you need to have confidence in your equipment for you to shoot at your best.,+ safely.
  8. ergid

    Cleaning regime

    My T3 in 223 is the same, shoots better after 20+ rounds, I pull a few patches through after 50 + rounds but will clean- oil the rest of the action more often. When I deep clean I will tape up the Muzzel and fill the barrel with solvent and let it soak in overnight. Only nylon brushes req after the good soaking.😜
  10. ergid

    A bad nights Foxing

    Hi, Montey everyone has an off day or night .
  11. Hi, I have a T3X CTR stock if you are still interested.

    regards Aled.

  12. ergid

    Archer longbow

    Can you put up some picks I might be able to help,
  13. ergid

    .22 zero problem

    Hi, have you tried swapping the mods? Has the scope had a knock? Are you using optilock rings?
  14. Is this yet another Knee jerk reaction,by parliament if these thugs want to shoot you or stab you THEY WILL. All hand guns have been banned from the general public since 1996 but gangland shooting still goes on with Handguns,having knifes with a blade over 3ins has also been banned for some time BUT the use of large Rambo style knife are used daily in these attacks.Banning legally held Guns is not the answer!
  15. ergid

    Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    Hi,have you tried fitting a camera lens with a bayonet fitting,it works really well on the Photon Extreme,its worth a try !

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