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  1. Charlts

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    If the chamber is already pitted then you’ve nothing to lose.
  2. Charlts

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    Not yet, harvest and the weather has put the kaybosh on a lot of fun things! Keep us posted Si
  3. Charlts

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    I quite fancy trying some 107gr TMK's for this, purely for the purposes of academic study.
  4. Charlts

    yukon photon xt 6.5x50 problem

    The small hole let’s through a small amount of light, that’s what you’re seeing hence why it disappears when it’s dark. From personal experience I’d stick with a doubler over an extreme as it’s a different can of worms altogether.
  5. Hi mate I have just purchased a howa 1500 in 223 with a aimzonic predator on it and I’m looking to add a cyclone to make it over the barrel just can’t seem to find any one selling them any ideas thanks craig 



  6. Charlts

    Howa AI AW will it work?

    Are they shorter than regular AICS mags Dave?
  7. Charlts

    Howa AI AW will it work?

    I run AICS mags on a couple of mine, there’s not quite as much milling needed as that.
  8. Charlts

    Drone/Rifle dilemma

    I'm using a reach back Drone specific rail on my Howa and my Stiller, both via Country Sports Wholesale.
  9. Charlts

    Powder choice for 129gr bullets 6.5 creedmoor

    RS52 worked well from what I remember, I ran 129gr ABLR's and 130gr TMK's over it.
  10. Use one on my 300 Blackout, it's short, light and works.
  11. Charlts

    6.5mm bullet options.

    I've found the same with regards seating depth and RDFs.
  12. Charlts

    77GR TMK's for Varminting?

    I'll dig out my notes on load development for 69 and 77gr TMK's later, it might help someone
  13. Do you still get up to Lutterworth?

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