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  1. Charlts

    PRL22 Launching Summer 2020

    Very much looking forward to this all kicking off
  2. Charlts

    1/2"x28 UNEF MuzzleBrake

    Anybody got something handy that fits the bill?
  3. Charlts

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    It'd be rude not to.
  4. It was an awesome weekend of shooting, loving getting within reach of the top open guys with my factory Howa.
  5. Charlts

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Properly FL every time, to just bump the shoulder back a couple of thou. I find primer pockets give out before anything else so no worries on over working brass.
  6. Charlts

    Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56 IR 35mm Anyone ?

    Spent a week behind a buddies in the US, mostly plinking and learning some of the precision rifle basics before an NRL match. I really liked it, good mechanics, good glass and found it a nice all rounder.
  7. Had mine for a week, they hooked up seamlessly with my kestrel, I was pinging trees at 1798y after work today. I’ll have mine at the Roundhouse this weekend for Rd1 of the UK Precision Rifle League if anyone wants to check them out?
  8. Do you still have the 30mm med and high mounts available?
  9. I'll be there too, mostly trying to look as cool as Josh and Rusty!
  10. Charlts

    GRS bifrost

    Who promised you that? The only lefty Bifrost ever planned from the beginning is for T3’s. Once they’re done I plan on doing exactly that for my shooting buddy who’s a lefty with a right handed T3.
  11. Charlts

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    Looks great Dave, can’t wait to see how it shoots.
  12. Charlts

    Wanted Scope: Leupold Mk.4 or similar

    I've got an illuminated 20x mil dot doing nothing at the moment.
  13. This one is the best I've used so far, it's low profile and once set doesn't move. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/laserluchs-torch-ball-mount.html
  14. I hope it’s a genuine mix up but I’ve also paid for these over the weekend.
  15. I’ve got some 107gr TMK’s loaded up for just this reason, still not got round to trying them yet!

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