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  1. bigyin

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Very sad news RIP bradders
  2. bigyin

    Tubb ATR

    Nice one a great looking set up , i see brownells have 6xc Peterson l/p brass in stock and the s/p is due in if it’s of any interest 👍
  3. 6xc with 105 gr bullet does everything for me to the point it’s only calibre I’ve used in last 6 months
  4. bigyin

    Manners or mcmillan tikka stock

    I’ve got a Mcmillan sako varmint I’d consider selling can come with or without factory bottom metal (plastic) and mag pm me if interested
  5. bigyin

    Cheapest place for 6xc brass?

    Callum Ferguson was £122 /100 inc postage last time I bought some 👍
  6. bigyin

    WANTED - Grovtec flush cup swivels

    Got mine from brownells 👍
  7. bigyin


    Thanks for all reply’s lads , jcampbellSmith is kindly picking me up a tub and bringing it with him when he comes down to my neck of the woods the Moro 👍
  8. bigyin


    yeah Ed has some in stock il maybe need to take a trip up there 👍
  9. bigyin


    Thanks mate but I’ve already checked with 2 or 3 of them and there out of stock 😩
  10. bigyin


    Wanted rs62 powder as close to Dumfries as possible
  11. bigyin

    6xc powder choice

    I’ve not had mine that long but started with n160 and the groups were tiny but velocity was a bit lacking now use rs60 and reached 3150 but backed off to a milder 3050 ft/sec to hopefully save barrel life bullets were 105 amax
  12. bigyin

    Original t3 bolt shroud

    Now sorted thanks ?
  13. bigyin

    Original t3 bolt shroud

    That would be great thanks let me no if you find one
  14. bigyin

    Original t3 bolt shroud

    wanted original plastic tikka t3 bolt shroud as I’ve broke a corner of mine

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