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  1. bigyin

    Twist rate

    Your speed of 3-3100 fps is very slow for those bullet weights so a good start would be to find a node higher up , an extra 2-300 fps should be easily achieved
  2. bigyin

    George Balfour

    Very sad news ,best wishes to all his family
  3. bigyin

    223 roe bullet

    Ive shot dozens of roe with .223 and have had no issues , it's dropped them more efficiently than bigger calibres including .243 and 6.5 . Put the bullet as tight to shoulder as possible without hitting it and slightly higher than half way up the body and they don't run far if at all . The 63 gr Sierra is a good choice and will shoot in a 1/12
  4. Zeiss hd5 5-25x50 1/4moa target turrets Z Plex Ret Like new in box used twice ,only for sale as rifle it was on has been sold £575 posted ono Can send pics by email
  5. Depends what you want to shoot with it ,if it's light clay and pigeon loads then it'll cost you more to reload them than buy factory but if your a wildfowler loading your own shells with non toxic shot it will save you money and also give you better performance especially with steel shot
  6. bigyin

    The Grail

    Very nice indeed ,I always preferred the 77 to the newer 97 and being venom tuned is the icing on the cake .what calibre is it ?
  7. I used to have a howa in .223 and put it in a boyds stock and it definetly helped accuracy but mine was originally in the crap hogue rubber stock .I quite liked the boyds and was comfortable to use ,they have a new stock out now that's fully adjustable but not sure if there available over here yet ,over all for the money Id say there pretty good
  8. bigyin

    123g A Max

    Vit n160 works brilliant in mine with same bullets
  9. bigyin

    Range finder for night use

    Same as above my leica 900 works perfect on the lamp and doesn't need a lot of light either
  10. bigyin

    Head Boiling

    A pressure washer is handy a d quick for cleaning them up as well

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