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  1. @nd

    Double rifle sling

    try a biathlon sling
  2. @nd

    OCD rant!

    if you read the entire post it just gets better.
  3. @nd

    OCD rant!

    I just had to post this one, it is off another country's forum. Enjoy I use to work in management for a very large ammo company. I was there a short time. I always felt the company policy was to try to sale as many different types of ammo in a given caliber that would give different degrees of accuracy. that is understandable for the consumer as long as the poor grouping ammo was at a cheaper price then the ammo that was more accurate at a higher price. What I am saying and what I thought I saw was the company as soon as they found a type of bullet and Risipe for ammo that performed great at a low price and ***** started to attract good reviews***** and when this ammo started to out sale their higher dollar ammo it was stopped being manufactured or components switched so that accuracy would go down and not out perform their high dollar accurate ammo in the same cal. This company I worked for I thought did this in many instances. I am seeing it now in a certain box of ammo that is getting hard to find for me at the old price and have heard from retailers it looks like it is being discontinued. Am I all wet in this thinking. I think it happens in a lot in other industries too but I have really seen it in ammunition companies. Companies do hold back in making the best product they can at a fair price. I think it is to protect their market share ? I guess it is ok if you can get away with it with your customer.
  4. @nd

    RS70 FOR 300WM

    just thought it was interesting reading. i am about to work up a load with RS70 and 220gr SMK for a 300WM
  5. @nd

    RS70 FOR 300WM

    have a read of this it may give you an idea. https://usarmorment.com/pdf/300WM_load data.pdf
  6. @nd

    quality mincer

    The jury is still out ?
  7. @nd

    quality mincer

    one of my mincers
  8. Make one, buy a Anschutz rail cut it to the length you want, drill and countersink holes to fit the existing stock holes, then just attach as you would M-Lok accessory rails
  9. @nd

    AXMC 6.5x47 Lap

    Hi all Is there any problems with shooting a 6.5x47 Lap out of an Accuracy International AXMC (originally in .300 wm) with the .308 bolt/mag conversion and a 6.5x47 lap barrel. I don't want a 6.5 creedmore, i have brass and dies for 6.5x47 already. Thanks
  10. Hi I also have a DTA switch barrel (6.5x47 and .308) and once the two zero's have been found it is an easy swop.The balistic software i use can be switched between barrels and allows for the imput of the different zero heights and works out drops perfectly. You will probably end up leaving one barrel on most of the time once you get use to the rifle my .308 hardly see light of day. the MET police just list the swop barrel as a; DTA .308 barrel no serial number
  11. @nd

    Rats in my shed

    small pieces of synthetic sponge dipped in gravy dropped where they run.They eat the 'gravy' flavoured sponge but can't poop it, it blocks their intestines and die.
  12. @nd

    Trump Welcome!

    you must be mistaking it for the J3r3my Kyle show
  13. @nd

    Extreme Spread

    Laurie Thanks I don't have quickLOAD so was going on Vhits powder weights. I think i have found good 123gr SMK loads with Varget and RL15 that i am happy with. I will make up more loads with the N550 loads at higher powder weights to see if i get any better results with both the 123gr SMK and 130 TMK. Andrew
  14. @nd

    Extreme Spread

    Thanks for the replies The cartridge is 6.5x47 Lapua,the bullet seated to maximum mag depth,the primers are CCI 450 small rifle. my rifle has a 26'' barrel with a 1in 8 twist The N550 was working up to Vihtavouri's maximum load on their website. The RL15 and Varget are recommendations but being worked up to with no pressure signs. i just couldn't see why keeping everything as uniform as i could there would be such a large difference velocity in one powder. And
  15. @nd

    Extreme Spread

    Are ES and S-D more noticeable in some reloading powders than in others? Today I shot over a chrono 4 loads that I put together with two bullet weights and three different powders. One of the powders has a noticeably higher ES and S-D than the other two. Load1; RL15 123gr SMK the ES was 13 the S-D was 5 Load 2; Varget 123gr SMK the ES was10 the S-D was 4.1 Load 3; N550 123gr SMK the ES was 52 the S-D was 20.3 Load 4; N550 130gr TMK the ES was 49 the S-D was20.2 All were fired over a magneto speed v3 in the same weather conditions. All the powder loads were dropped from the same powder dispenser and trickled up to weight with a Target Master trickler. The same make/type of primers were used and new Lapua 6.5x47 brass was also used for all rounds. I have tried to keep everything as uniform as possible. Any ideas why the N550 have such a big velocity variation. Thanks And

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