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  1. JBirchall

    Tikka TX1 MTR 22lr

    I’m waiting for the stainless version to come out - then I’ll buy one.
  2. The 215 Hybrids would not stabilise in my 1:11 barrel. At the time I went onto the Berger site and the stabilisation calculator indicated they wouldn’t stabilise or marginal but if I remember correctly the 230 (is it the OEM?) showed that that bullet, although heavier, would. I never tried it though and went to using 185 Scenars which performed very accurately.
  3. JBirchall

    More scottish bans being proposed

    I’m flabbergasted by such an ignorant view. Wow!
  4. Dear all I have 3 boxes of new unfired Norma .284 Win brass for sale. Each box contains 100 pieces. I’m looking for £120 per box plus postage. Any interested parties please PM me. Many thanks
  5. JBirchall

    7mm LRM

    I’ve been shooting a 7 Rem Mag for 20 years and never had an issue with the belt. I do have the Larry Willis die and it’s not really a problem to run the brass through it to size down to the belt.Certainly a lot easier than say neck turning for example. I’ve always found the Rem Mag to be an easy cartridge to get to shoot accurately and if you can psychologically accept the belt it’s a good option in my opinion.
  6. JBirchall

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    You’re getting me excited now Andy.
  7. JBirchall

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    You are not alone Tikka 260 - I feel your pain. 😁 I have been looking for the same for my Stillers. The easiest way to describe what I am looking for is to compare to the Sako 75 mag system (which I think is the best factory mag system going). I haven't found anything yet which is suitable. I hadn't however heard of the Curtis ones before now though. Plenty of tactical offerings out there but I'm not into tactical stuff. I just want my conventional sporters to have a DM mag system akin to the Sako 75 one.
  8. Who makes this please Triggersqueeze?
  9. JBirchall

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Just for information I loaded up 5 rounds using the doughnutted (necked up Lapua) brass and shot a group (5 rounds) that went .437 i know it’s only one group and I will test further but if going off that it would seem the doughnuts haven’t made any difference to accuracy. This is my first experience with doughnuts and as such I wouldn’t know what is “normal” when using brass with this issue. Does it normally cause accuracy to go wild?
  10. JBirchall

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Thanks for the info Laurie ref the issue with the Winchester brass and confirms it's Norma as the option after all (in order to avoid necking up etc).
  11. JBirchall

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Thanks for the replies. I am with weejohn regarding my interest in reloading and neck turning etc. I bought and still have, all the K&M neck turning equipment but I vowed never to neck turn another case. So to answer Noideer - no i didn't neck turn or cut into the shoulder. I've managed to get away with it for (i'm guessing about 4 firings) but when seating bullets the other day I felt the doughnut as the bullet shank went below the shoulder. Looks like the Norma route if i want an easy life by the sounds of it. I'm assuming there is a supply issue with Winchester brass.
  12. JBirchall

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Dear all It seems Winchester .284 win brass is thin on the ground. I can obtain Norma but at £150 per 100 it's not a cheap option. What is everyone using these days? I have a KM expander mandrel to neck up Lapua 6.5x284 brass but I'm trying to avoid this option as i have started to experience dough nutting on my last batch. I'm guessing apart from Norma, necking up Lap brass is the sensible option.

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