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  1. Best Rimfire - straw poll

    Hw66 jagdmatch in bolt action. And Walter gsp carbine rifle in semi auto. I'm lucky to own the Walther and have owned the weihrauch. Both superb rifles.
  2. Powder charging vid

    I use a Very similar setup. I was having trouble a couple of years back with consistency of hand loads. The target master was doing its job admirably, but something wasn't right with my groups. I bought an electronic scale to check if the powder was being weighed consistently. I found out that there was serious inconsistencies on some of the fills. Some were have a grain heavier than others. I later found out that there was dust in the pivot point of the scale and it was throwing out the charge weights. The target master was still doing its job but must have had that little bit more resistance to deal with. I would never have got to the bottom of it, only for putting lots of rounds through a chronograph. Every so often I give my scales a very thorough clean in case it happens again.
  3. Fantastic achievement Alan on your first outing. Made all the better using a rifle you built yourself. Congratulations. Murph
  4. Plus 1 on this. My local gunshop has a bore sighter. I bought an MTC taipan and wanted it bore sighted for my 22. I asked to adjust the magnification on the scope to see if there was any error. There was a slight bit of error on it. The owner of the shop told me that almost every scope in sfp under £1000 showed from slight to horrendous!. I tried my z6i 5-30x50 on my rifle to see what it was like. There was no descernable movement in poi through the whole zoom range.
  5. Powder recommendations

    I'm using h335 at the moment with very good results. Tannyoky had about 60 tubs of it the last time I enquired. Plus 1 on Tannyoky. They got a big shipment of powder in last month. With blc2 you will struggle to hit 3000 fps without filling the case up.
  6. Powder recommendations

    I'm using h335 at the moment with very good results. Tannyoky had about 60 tubs of it the last time I enquired.
  7. I've used an fac air rifle for years on corvids in trees.very effective way to get rid of them. Me and the brother used to wait on them coming into roost of an evening. You will always get the largest individual , who comes in first to check things are safe for the rest of them. If you shoot and miss it you won't see the rest of them.Once it gets almost dark they won't fly very far when they hear a shot being fired.Me and the brother shot 34 grey back crows in the space of 2 hours. I had a 14 ft/lb 177 daystate and he had a 30ft/lb .22. If you can hit them cleanly in the head with low powered air rifle they die instantly. With the fac air rifle anywhere from the chest up and they are a goner. I would use an fac air rifle for the purpose. As soon as you fire a shotgun they won't come anywhere near you. Very effective way to get rid of them and great fun to be had doing it imho.
  8. I can vouch for daystate. I've had 4 of these. I have a 50ft/lb ph6 at the minute which is very hard hitting indeed.
  9. Plus 1 on this. I had bushnell range finders for years and hadn't much luck ranging past 600 yards. Bought the Leica 1600b last year and never looked back. Ranges to 1600 yards and the glass is fantastic.
  10. Predator 6.5x47

    Lovely looking rifle you have there.
  11. OCW Help analyze results

    W Well I had very similar results with my own and 2 of my friends 223s using this bullets. Maybe it was luck with 2 guns , but 3 I don't know. They both hit accuracy nodes within 50fps of what my gun was reading.
  12. Funnily enough I'm going to look about an m300 long bed later on today. From all accounts it is a very clean machine with very light use - fingers crossed!
  13. .223 twist rate

    From my own experience with a 1-9 twist there is no discernible difference between the 1-12 and the 1-9 with lighter bullets. I have shot from 53 - 75 in my rifle with very little difference in accuracy. I've actually settled on the 69gr tmks. But if I had the 1-8 it would stabilise the 75amax and the 77gr tmk. My friend has a 1-12 twist howa and it changing it to a 1-9. A 1-8 twist is a no brainer imho.
  14. .223 twist rate

    Definitely go for the 1-8 twist. As Alan says it will future proof your friends gun if he takes up handloading in the future. Plus the 1-8twist will stabilise the 50-55gr factory rounds easily. You can also but hornady tap ammo which is the same bullet as the 75gr bthp in factory rounds which are great bullets and hit very hard indeed. I have personally taken rabbits with these to 670 yards.
  15. Tikka T3 .223 Remington

    Unusual colour scheme which looks very good. The spiral fluting is really well done. Good job!

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