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  1. bighairyhaggishunter

    New fox basher zeroing with new stock and load

    Many thanks and happy hunting😊
  2. bighairyhaggishunter

    New fox basher zeroing with new stock and load

    Impressive groups and set up....do the 77gr tmk ,s fit in the mag ok ?or are they single loaded? I'm thinking of upping from the 69 tmk cheers
  3. bighairyhaggishunter

    Kestrel and the .223

    Many thanks beardog ... very much appreciated ...I reckon you just saved me a wee fortune £££ cheers 👍
  4. bighairyhaggishunter

    Kestrel and the .223

    Hi guys I am lucky to have safe ground where I can shoot rabbits out to 600yrds and I use a.223 with 69gr tmks . presently I use strelok Pro with reasonable success if I do my part...my question is would I gain any benefit from using a KESTREL ballistics ? Or other than wind do any of the other factors ,temp, pressure.humidity really matter at these ranges? Thanks in advance
  5. bighairyhaggishunter

    GRS bifrost

    Yep that's plan b .cheers
  6. bighairyhaggishunter

    GRS bifrost

    Thanks for the response guys.as you probably know GRS make left grip/right bolt in many of their laminate models ,I first enquired in the autumn of 2018 about the availability of the BIFROST in such a format for the tikka. T3 and was told early 2019 ..I emailed them in Feb to be told early April and last week was informed there were no current plans for such a model . I believe the full lefties have been available for a few months now ..Apart from milling out a right bolt recess I believe some material has to be removed for the bolt release pin. cheers
  7. bighairyhaggishunter

    GRS bifrost

    hi guys .well after being promised that .. grs..Were gonna release their bifrost stock in right inlet{/left grip format they now say they have no current plans of doing so .So I asked that if I bought a full left hand stock would it be just a matter of cutting out a recces for the bolt on the right side,their answer was probably but consult a gunsmith to make sure (personally I thought they would have known factually) so my question is have any of you guys had any experience of fitting a right inlet into a left stock???Thanks in advance cheers
  8. bighairyhaggishunter

    Powder for 69gr TMK

    .223 20" tikka varmint 23gr vit 133 getting 2824 FPS from 69gr tmk and no pressure signs cheers
  9. bighairyhaggishunter

    sabatti mrr

    Hi Guys .Thinking about treating myself to 6.5 cm and like the look of the SABATTI ROVER TACTICAL .my question is if the Mrr rifling is so great ie accurate,faster velocities, longer barrel life why don't other companies like tikka,remington, savage and winchester adopt this method?.I would like to get the opinions of any SABATTI owners ? ps sorry if this topic has already been flogged to death
  10. bighairyhaggishunter

    Molly coated bullets

    1 ounce of hbn from the states .5 micron via fleebay £24.00 delivered [microlubrol] cheers
  11. bighairyhaggishunter


    No just the postage to optics warehouse .I got a call on Tuesday from OW to check the return address and it was delivered by dpd yesterday,I thought that I would be paying p+p and repair/parts as a new turret was fitted so yes o was delighted . cheers 👍
  12. bighairyhaggishunter


    Scope returned yesterday via OPTICS WAREHOUSE..all sorted new turret fitted and inspite of me accidentally damaging it repair done FREEOFCHARGE...so IOR customer service ain't so bad after all.. cheers
  13. bighairyhaggishunter


    As I mentioned earlier my scope was the mutts nuts and worked perfectly in all aspects until I dropped it and damaged the windage turret . Personally I wouldn't have thought it wouldn't have been a problem to drop a replacement turret in a jiffy bag and send it to me(I can buy hawke or sightron turrets easily) but no it had to be sent back to the factory .I thought when optics warehouse said expect 3 months I thought they were being .. overly cautious.. and that I would have it returned sooner . only to be told on Monday that IOR are ... dealing with it.... whatever that means If only their customer service was the same quality as their glass cheers 👍 .
  14. bighairyhaggishunter


    Hi varmLR Can you please tell me if you know how long the guys with the ..CRUSADERS.. had to wait for the return of their scopes? . that's me 3 months now .cheers
  15. bighairyhaggishunter

    ICOtec GC500 PROGRAMMABLE Remote Electronic Fox Call - Any Good ?

    Yep works well .I usually place mine 200 yards away and use the decoy device. then select a call and wait . The remote works well within that range cheers

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