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  1. Wanted(possibly)

    Anybody got a Lee Enfield no5 that they might be thinking of selling? Thanks
  2. Military History

    Excellent, proper history rather than imagined.
  3. Military History

    In light of the resurrection of the MY thread I thought this might balance it a bit. This is a picture of a friend of mine and 32 other chaps from 2 SAS who parachuted into Italy on 27th December 1944 on operation Galia. The intention was to disrupt German activity and generally make a nuisance of themselves which they did. After 5 weeks they walked out to allied lines. There were few casualties. He had been in the Army since 1941 and continues after the war as a reserve in 21 SAS for a while. He never said much about the operation and died in 1993. Best wishes for the new year!
  4. 20x42 compact from SA

    No, unfortunately. Engrossed in teaching kids to shoot in the style of Fairbairn and Sykes. Looks good though.
  5. 20x42 compact from SA

    Would this have been at an arms fair by chance?
  6. Timefactors Smiths Everest, about £250 or a Rolex Explorer 1 for about £4000 more. Or this if you can fine one!
  7. Just purchased some reloading kit that was used which included these. I already have a set so surplus to requirements. Good condition in the box. Purchased from London Armoury on the 1990s. How about £50 posted. Thanks
  8. rl 17 powder

    I like it but it does seem to burn a bit hot. Ideal for stalking ammo but I prefer n160 for extended use in 260. Very good in 300 win Mag!
  9. Dunkirk

    Saw it yesterday and was impressed although I thought that the people on the beach were a bit thin on the ground having looked at wartime photos. I really liked the way the timing was done. For me the star was Mark Rylance.
  10. Something from Timefactors
  11. I have looked at this,( Tikka CTR thread) plenty that go the other way but the only possible solution seems to be the Atec A lock system or Tier 1 muzzle break mount.
  12. AR Nerditry

    Anything Met will be SIG or H & K
  13. Reloading belted magnums - 300 win mag

    I use a Larry Willis collet die for mine which seems to work. It also works for other calibres I think. I use my 300 win mag for stalking but have had some success with 208 gun Amax and Barnes.
  14. AR Nerditry

    Looks like an AI mount though! Ref the Russian ships thing, they lost the Russian aircraft slides for the epidiascope when I was in the cadets so used some German WW2 aircraft ones instead. Luckily I had seen the Battle of Britain.

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