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  1. TSG

    Blaser R93 375 H&H barrel

    I have asked on other forums but if anybody knows of one for sale, preferably with magazine insert pls let me know. There are a few in Europe but easier to buy here I think Thanks
  2. TSG

    Yardley - outstanding (if true)

    I have named him in a response to an article and editorial in the Times today. Seems to have his fingerprints on it.
  3. Also agreed. I come on here to avoid the free for all on SD. If anybody is interested my work team all wear T.Rex patches on our plate carriers as we are all considered dinosaurs at over 55. We will not be appearing action figures as action seems to have passed us by. 😀
  4. TSG

    Mkii 3-12/ L17A1

    Mine does not fit the description unfortunately. No engraving, .2 milrad adjustment for .338 I think and side parallax. Apologies but cannot help.
  5. TSG

    Mkii 3-12/ L17A1

    Can you elaborate on the specifications. I might have one but an internet search on the designation comes back as a grenade launcher
  6. I have looked at the skulls for a dipping option before but I keep having flashbacks to the catacombs under Paris with a quite armpitty woman of German origin. Some people get turned on by all of that sort of stuff. Afraid to say that I do a bit of plinkyplonking most days, but am firmly a DPM when it comes to cammo.
  7. TSG

    Moment of weakness

    I went to the Orvis shop today. Informed Mrs TSG who said ' you don't need any more watches' I mansplained Oris and Orvis difference and the reply was " fishing rods! Have we got some of those as well?'
  8. I cannot see much use either but there you go etched reticule and a handgun backup if it all goes to ratshit. (Ideally a Colt New Service in 45acp but at a push a Glock will suffice)
  9. I have a set that came with mine that you can have. They look more plastic than Iron!
  10. Otis DMV cleaning kit pls. Will pm re postage or collection aNd payment
  11. TSG

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Sorry LUME?
  12. TSG

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    I have an early one that has a 308 reticule. The Luke is not good but feel free to pm me for pictures
  13. TSG

    Red light headtorch

    Alpkit, red and green leds main light and low power variant https://www.alpkit.com/products/gamma-3
  14. TSG


    https://www.theyworkforyou.com/pbc/2017-19/Offensive_Weapons_Bill/02-0_2018-07-17a.31.3?s=Firearms+Terrorism#g31.6 This was on another forum. Not sure if it is posted here but if it has apologies.. Worth reading through it around the evidence surrounding HME and how it seems to be based upon a couple of people's opinions but little fact

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