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  1. TSG

    Moment of weakness

    I went to the Orvis shop today. Informed Mrs TSG who said ' you don't need any more watches' I mansplained Oris and Orvis difference and the reply was " fishing rods! Have we got some of those as well?'
  2. I cannot see much use either but there you go etched reticule and a handgun backup if it all goes to ratshit. (Ideally a Colt New Service in 45acp but at a push a Glock will suffice)
  3. I have a set that came with mine that you can have. They look more plastic than Iron!
  4. Otis DMV cleaning kit pls. Will pm re postage or collection aNd payment
  5. TSG

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Sorry LUME?
  6. TSG

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    I have an early one that has a 308 reticule. The Luke is not good but feel free to pm me for pictures
  7. TSG

    Red light headtorch

    Alpkit, red and green leds main light and low power variant https://www.alpkit.com/products/gamma-3
  8. TSG


    https://www.theyworkforyou.com/pbc/2017-19/Offensive_Weapons_Bill/02-0_2018-07-17a.31.3?s=Firearms+Terrorism#g31.6 This was on another forum. Not sure if it is posted here but if it has apologies.. Worth reading through it around the evidence surrounding HME and how it seems to be based upon a couple of people's opinions but little fact
  9. TSG

    couldn't help noticing

    Very 'Great Escape'!
  10. TSG

    FCSA Update

    Perhaps this!
  11. TSG

    Glock 17 Polymer Sights

    Send an email to safeshot on here. He may have some.
  12. TSG

    Any body handled one

    I am tempted. When you look at the price of a Sako Carbon or Finnlight the price may be reasonable. You cannot really compare to AI because it's more scout rifle than sniper which gives the edge even over 308 self loaders most of which are good for1.5 - 2 MOA. Perhaps it might push AI towards a similar product because in the 308 market shorter range and deployability will be the new requirement. (Just saying)?
  13. TSG

    Any body handled one

    It does seem that way, but I quite like the concept.
  14. TSG

    Any body handled one

    https://liveqordie.com/products/the-fix-by-q?variant=7695786475548 Anybody seen or handled one of these in the UK or at the shot show?

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