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  1. Smock

    Arktis was the military/police side of Country Covers who have now rebranded to Fortis.
  2. Essex variation turnround

    Wiltshire: I posted a variation on the 18th December and it came back on the 4th January. To be fair I've never known Wiltshire to be below par.
  3. I've used one for some time now, I don't think I could do it without it for the McQueen matches.
  4. Is the image of the British shooter important?

    May I suggest you stop reading the Daily Mirror if their press coverage of the shooting community make for uncomfortable reading? Whilst Michael Ryan's crimes are unforgivable, if you ask the people he shot with before the Hungerford incident I think you will find they will tell you the post press image of him is one that most of them do not recognise!
  5. Is the image of the British shooter important?

    The problem is one of perception; about a year ago on the telly I watched some sort of reality tv show and a young British women on the show said, why does he wear army fatigues? The bloke in question was an American and wearing what I suspect were 511 trousers and a shirt with epaulettes. Both items of clothing were a stone colour. Which does beg the question what is acceptable? If the weather is peeing down at Bisley you will find a lot of Target Rifle shooters wearing DPM Gortex trousers and nobody gives them a second glance. But put a black rifle in their hands and mention they shoot CSR and you can hear the tuts from the verandah of the NLRC! Happy new year!
  6. ear defenders

    Would that be the ball point pen I ruined? Or the many screwdrivers and various pointed bits of metal I employed. This is the second time I have had problems getting batteries out of these, I suspect the batteries swell a bit which is the problem, although they are the Lithium variety which don't usually lose shape.
  7. Military History

    Thanks Mark, I hadn't seen that obituary of Gillie before. He'll probably be remembered by many of us as for having the most untidy gun shop in the UK! Trading an air pistol with him once for some Yugoslavian MkVIII .303 ammunition I found a convenient wooden box to sit on, which I assumed has been put on the customer side of the counter for that very purpose. On concluding the deal I asked Gilly where the ammunition was, your sat on it he replied! The box complete with ammunition inside sat there for many months until he had sold the lot.
  8. Military History

    Gilly Howe once told me he walked from Norfolk to Portsmouth to join the RM's and slept in hedges and barns on his way to Eastney Barracks. No known by many was his wife's first occupation, she was a Luftwaffe photographer! During an aerial reconnaissance mission in ww2 the pilot suggested they land in Sweden and be interned rather than fight on, the whole crew unanimously agreed. And it has to said, he looks like he's enjoying himself in the picture!
  9. ear defenders

    I've used most of them over the years and quite like MSA Sorodin's; that is until this week when I tried to replace the batteries! One battery is hidden round a corner in the compartment and is very difficult to get out. The battery compartment design leaves a lot to be desired, but I've managed to find a service centre near Emsworth in Sussex for them. Just waiting on a reply to my email.
  10. Mrad help

    Bart, If you would like an MoA to Mils conversion chart on MS excel. PM me your email address.
  11. Crimp

    In a word, uniformity. I found group sizes tightened up with a "light" crimp.
  12. Moderator cover - heat haze

    This! Tony made one for my Oneless Charlie mod and it has been brilliant for McQueens.
  13. CSR equipment

    I will confess to also having an SAS drop loop pouch that takes 4 SLR magazines. It's ideal for four 20 round AR15 magazines with the original rubber magpul loops on, and yes it does look a bit on the ally side!
  14. CSR equipment

    I'd almost forgotten having to jump up and down to what was rattling!

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