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  1. Strangely Brown

    200yd mcqueens

    I don't understand how your scoring this, 5a's 8a's?? Can you expand on how, (I assume it's a DP14) this is being scored please?
  2. Strangely Brown

    Schmidt & Bender 12~50 x56

    Thanks one and all; I believe he is going ahead and getting one. I had a similar dilemma between a 3~20x and a 5~25, luckily I knew people with both and the majority who had the 5~25 told me they rarely used it above 18x so I bought the 3~20 and haven't looked back. I also have an older 3~12 PM1 S&B and quite frankly that does almost everything I require of it.
  3. Strangely Brown

    Schmidt & Bender 12~50 x56

    A friend who has shot TR with iron sights for many years is thinking of doing a bit of F TR and wondered if the above scope, (8 MoA) would be his ideal. I have no knowledge of the 12~50 but my initial thought would be that the higher end of the magnification would be unusable due to the extreme power. Can anybody throw any light on this with their own experience please?
  4. https://www.lcegroup.co.uk/New/velbon-ex-macro-tripod_4052.html £30 tripod that goes very low.
  5. Strangely Brown

    Which PM11 to buy?

    I also went for a 3-20 (FFP P4LF) I know a lot of people who have 5-25's but they all say they rarely use them over 16~18x power hence my choice. I also use a 3-12 on another rifle and it sometimes makes me wonder why I bothered with a 3-20!
  6. Strangely Brown

    ear defenders

    Job done! It's taken the best part of 8 weeks to get my ear defenders back, Talking headsets apologised for the delay and have been waiting on parts from MSA Sordin. (good comms the whole time from Talking Headsets) The cost was £46 and I am now in possession of Trigger's broom! There's very little I recognise of the originals having had the ear pads, circuitry and head band replaced as part of their fixed price repair. I would go as far to say the squelch has been reduced and the sound if far clearer than when I bought them.
  7. Strangely Brown

    Competition at Bisley

    I shot with Maurice last week and he's still using that No.5, which incidentally is actually a No.4 with No.5 furniture on. The rifle is now on it's 3rd barrel! It took me a few moments to recognise Peter Sorony with that hair.
  8. Strangely Brown

    200yd mcqueens

    Exposures of 3 seconds with irregular intervals of 10~20 seconds?
  9. Strangely Brown

    200yd mcqueens

    Me too, and I'm doing Mini McQueens for the first time!
  10. Strangely Brown

    Plotting sheets

    I download and print my own, the ones at www.scorebook.org can be altered to suit your needs i.e. you can resize them depending on needs. https://www.scorebook.org/plotsheets/plotsheets http://www.steeleengineering.co.uk/targetrifle.htm
  11. Strangely Brown

    .22 Semi-auto ammo

    I'm using Eley Contact in my BAR15-22 as well as Eley Force, haven't had it that long but suspect the Eley Force may have the edge on accuracy. Only using the sub sonic Contact because of a noise issue at my local .22 club.
  12. Strangely Brown

    Service rifle (limited to 4x) scopes

    NRA service optic is actually 4.5x max.
  13. Strangely Brown

    Recommended scopes for AR15

    It does depend somewhat if you are shooting in competitions or not? NRA Service optic class has a maximum magnification of 4.5x with Practical Optic having no restrictions on magnification at all. On my AR15 I have a S&B PM1 3~12 which I find more than adequate at 600 yards. Edited to add: A couple of friends who shoot practical optic tell me that are more than happy with 8x at 600 yards. I guess that's the difference between my old eyes and their youth!
  14. Strangely Brown

    Gun Crime on the UP

    If that's the same amnesty I remember Dorset police were mincing about with a LAW 66 on BBC local TV saying that a real rocket launcher had been handed in, and think of the danger of it in the wrong hands. For those of you not familiar with these, they were a use once and drop launcher. As regimental duty driver many years ago I would drive through the quarters area in Celle where 3 Royal Green Jackets were stationed, only to see the kids playing with them!
  15. Strangely Brown


    Arktis was the military/police side of Country Covers who have now rebranded to Fortis.

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