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  1. l’ll have the RCBS chamfer/debur tool, please. maximus otter Edited to add: Apparently l can’t send PMs. Could you PM me, please?
  2. Ah, but we'll need a People's Vote on the issue... 😉 maximus otter
  3. maximus otter

    Walking the dog the other night

    Isn’t it terrible what you see when you haven’t got a gun? maximus otter
  4. maximus otter

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Early versions used casein glue; later versions Aerolite. maximus otter
  5. maximus otter

    I seem to have broken Strelok Pro

    I’ve taken Jayjay’s sensible advice and uninstalled/ reinstalled them. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks to all, and - don’t set your range increment to one yard! maximus otter
  6. I have iStrelok and Strelok Pro on an iPad and an iPhone 6. I was playing about with the inputs on the opening page. I clicked on Table and tried to set the range increment to 1 yard. Since then, every time I open Strelok Pro and click on Table, the program "kicks me out" to the Desktop and I have to open it again from scratch. Apparently, the minimum it "likes" is 5 yards. How do I get back to normal, please? maximus otter
  7. maximus otter

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    “Could l have another of those delicious double chocolate cookies, please?” 😉 maximus otter
  8. Model? http://en.leica-camera.com/Sport-Optics/Leica-Hunting/Rangefinders/Leica-Geovid/Geovid-Range maximus otter
  9. Signed. Up to 68,000 “Packham has been accused by the fieldsports community of exploiting his position as a very frequent presenter on the BBC to publicise his anti-shooting views; the BBC maintain that he is not employed by them, so is not bound by their impartiality rules.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Packham#Views It’s a great get-out clause: He’s “Chris Packham from the BBC” when it suits them; an “independent contractor” when he rocks the boat. maximus otter
  10. maximus otter

    Strelok pro scope height

    Yes. 1. Measure scope tube diameter & halve it. 2. Measure barrel diameter & halve it. 3. Measure from top of bolt to bottom of scope tube. Use whole measurement. 4. Add 1 and 2 to 3 maximus otter
  11. As does Strelok Pro in a process they call “ truing”. maximus otter
  12. l use Strelok Pro which includes the Coriolis Effect (also spin drift, vertical shift due to crosswind, etc.) Set up once, then “fire & forget”. maximus otter
  13. maximus otter

    Book - Rifle Accuracy Facts

    Thanks for that! maximus otter
  14. maximus otter

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    That’s the question... maximus otter
  15. maximus otter

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    I’m an experienced shooter and reloader. I’ve read widely concerning load development, and l’m soon going to be starting the process for a new (to me) Tikka Super Varmint in .223 l’ve read often that skilled reloaders will perform a test known as the Satterlee test or method, i.e. they’ll load twenty cartridges, two each of loads precisely 0.2 grains (or .3 or .5, as appropriate) apart, shoot them and chart the velocity results. This will result in a chart which is essentially linear as one would expect (more powder = more velocity). However, typically there will be one or more “flat spots” on the line where increasing the powder charge produces little or no increase in muzzle velocity. The object is to pick a load in the middle of this flat spot as your accuracy load, allowing one a little “sneeze room” for slight differences in powder temperature, load dispensing, etc. My question: Why does this happen? Why do differing powder weights not affect muzzle velocity? Everyone seems to accept the phenomenon, yet no-one l’ve read can explain why it happens. Am l missing something obvious? maximus otter PS: l’m aware of and understand ideas like nodes, barrel harmonics, optimum barrel time and so on.

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