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  1. l wanted to find an accurate, super-fast load for my new (to me) Sako 75 Varmint using 40 grain V-Max or BlitzKings, N133 powder and BR2 primers in Lapua Match brass. Short version: l can’t. No combination of powder load and seating depth would give me better than about 0.6 to 0.8 MOA off the bench. A mate at the club - wise in the ways of reloading - suggested that l go to a 50 grain flat base bullet for better accuracy. (l want 0.5 MOA). My permission is 600 acres of billiard-table flat East Anglian farmland, so l need minimum ricochet risk. I’ll be taking sub-300 yard shots at small game and vermin; and very occasional sub-175 yard side-to-side shots on muntjac and CWD. (l have a 6.5 x 55mm for when l’m specifically out for venison). I’m not going to change any ingredient other than the bullets. So: Which 50-grain, flat-based .224 bullet? maximus otter
  2. maximus otter


    Very wise: They bite. maximus otter
  3. After my recent post praising Countryman of Derby, I promise I'm not going to make a habit of listing excellent gun shops. However, after my experience today, I must draw the forum's attention to Simpson Bros. of Oundle, Northants. (Formerly known as Bradshaw's). I'm an experienced shooter and reloader, but I made a daft error: I popped the firing pin out of the bolt of my Sako 75 to check how much my brass had lengthened in firing. I assumed that the firing pin would be as easy to reinsert as it was to remove. Bad idea. After spending a looooong time trying to reassemble the bolt without the proper tools, I surrendered and drove to Simpsons, where I presented my shamefaced self to Ian with the remains of the Sako bolt in an oily cloth. To Ian's credit, he kept a straight face and - using the approved Sako plastic bolt tool - he put the bolt back together in seconds. Here is the reason behind this post: Not only did Ian not charge me for his gunsmithing services, he gave me the Sako bolt tool free of charge. Thank you, Ian! I have no connection with Simpson Bros. other than as a very satisfied customer. maximus otter
  4. I rang several gun shops in my area looking for 40 grain .224 V-Max bullets. No-one had them. Off to Google, and a quick search revealed that Countryman of Derby had them on the shelf, and at a good price. They also offer free postage on orders over just £50 I ordered 200 at 1535 hrs. on Tuesday 27th, and they were at my front door in East Anglia at 1053 hrs. on Thursday 29th., lovingly packed in about an acre of bubble wrap. I call that excellent service, and I shall be using them again. (I have no connection with them other than as a satisfied new customer). Highly recommended. maximus otter
  5. maximus otter

    Grub screws for Hornady Lock ‘n Load kit

    Call off the dogs, p*** on the fire: The appropriate grub screws are: 6-32 1/8" UNC (Unified Coarse Thread) for 1/16" (1.6mm) Allen wrench. I bought ten from Modelfixings Ltd. for £2.40, not including postage. Delivery was within 48 hours. Modelfixings part number is: MF-GS130 Here is the page. maximus otter
  6. maximus otter

    Grub screws for Hornady Lock ‘n Load kit

    The carpet monster has eaten one of the tiny grub screws for a piece of my Lock ‘n Load kit. l have no idea of the thread pitch, but the screw is 1/8” long, about 1/8” external diameter and accepts a 1/16” Allen wrench. Does anyone know of a source for these? (I’ll pick up several, as l’m sure to lose more...) maximus otter
  7. maximus otter

    My new varmint rifle

    l stumbled onto mine second hand. Sako’s site suggests that they come in low and medium. maximus otter
  8. I'm starting to work up a load for my new Sako 75 Varmint using either 40 grain V-Max or 40 grain BlitzKings. Does anyone have G7, repeat G7, BCs for these two bullets? maximus otter PS: I've just checked my files and Litz's G7 BC for the 40 grain V-Max is 0.191 I still need the 40 grain BlitzKing if anyone has it. m.o.
  9. maximus otter

    40gr V-Max in 20" barrel, 1:12" twist: Powder choice?

    maximus otter
  10. You may have seen my thread picturing my new varmint rifle. It's now time to order some reloading kit. In short it's a Sako 75 Varmint, .223 Rem calibre, with a 20" barrel (shortened by the previous owner). Sako assure me via email that it's a 1:12" twist barrel. I have no idea of the round count. I fancy using a 40gr V-Max against rabbits, corvids & foxes out to about 300 yards on flat agricultural land. Question: Which powder to choose? I'm not in a financial position to buy lots of tubs to sample, and I don't have nearby mates who can provide me with an ounce or two to trial. I am considering Vihtavuori N.120 or N.133. What does the team think? maximus otter
  11. l would also recommend that you buy a quick release for attaching the ‘scope to a tripod. l have one on the Velbon tripod which l use with my Optolyth spotter. lt saves a lot of time. Example: http://www.birders-store.co.uk/opticron-quick-release-plate-and-shoe.html maximus otter
  12. maximus otter

    My new varmint rifle

    maximus otter
  13. My new Sako 75 Varmint in .223 Remington: The mod is a Wildcat Evo 8: The 'scope is a Schmidt & Bender 4-16 x 50mm PMII attached with 34mm Optilocks: The Sako factory specs insist that it's a 1:8 twist barrel, but I've pushed a rod through it which suggests about a 1:14 twist. Off to the range soon with a grab bag of mixed factory ammo. maximus otter
  14. maximus otter

    On the range with the PMII 5-25

    I bought my third PMII yesterday. l now have a 3-12 x 50, a 4-16 x 50 and a 5-25 x 56. (l also have a Klassik on my stalking rifle). Superb bomb-proof kit. maximus otter
  15. maximus otter

    Reloading with Rosie

    I've taken my shirt off, which button do I press? maximus otter

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