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  1. maximus otter

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    That’s the question... maximus otter
  2. maximus otter

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    I’m an experienced shooter and reloader. I’ve read widely concerning load development, and l’m soon going to be starting the process for a new (to me) Tikka Super Varmint in .223 l’ve read often that skilled reloaders will perform a test known as the Satterlee test or method, i.e. they’ll load twenty cartridges, two each of loads precisely 0.2 grains (or .3 or .5, as appropriate) apart, shoot them and chart the velocity results. This will result in a chart which is essentially linear as one would expect (more powder = more velocity). However, typically there will be one or more “flat spots” on the line where increasing the powder charge produces little or no increase in muzzle velocity. The object is to pick a load in the middle of this flat spot as your accuracy load, allowing one a little “sneeze room” for slight differences in powder temperature, load dispensing, etc. My question: Why does this happen? Why do differing powder weights not affect muzzle velocity? Everyone seems to accept the phenomenon, yet no-one l’ve read can explain why it happens. Am l missing something obvious? maximus otter PS: l’m aware of and understand ideas like nodes, barrel harmonics, optimum barrel time and so on.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their responses. maximus otter
  4. I’m looking to buy my first manual powder trickler. l appreciate that there are a lot of makes available; does anyone have any specific recommendations/types to avoid? maximus otter
  5. maximus otter

    Worth a read...........

    A pack of lies, skewered in the honest media: “...hours of additional video footage exonerated the students, who neither instigated the confrontation nor responded in kind to Phillips’s rude provocations. In reality, the confrontation began when the Hebrew Israelites, an eccentric group of black supremacists, heckled the students as “crackers,” “f-----s,” and “incest kids.” The students responded by reciting school spirit cheers amongst themselves. As the students cheered, Phillips approached one of the teenagers, cameramen in tow, and proceeded to bang a drum mere inches from his face.” https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/covington-kids-can-teach-a-lot-to-rash-adults-in-media-politics-who-condemned-first-got-facts-later Philips, the Indian self-described “Vietnam war veteran” and “Marine Recon Ranger” was found to be an alcoholic and professional rent-a-mob type. He served only in the Marine Reserve, went AWOL several times, never left the USA and his trade was refrigerator electrician. maximus otter
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ + 100 maximus otter
  7. maximus otter

    Leupold QR ring heights

    😀 maximus otter
  8. maximus otter

    Leupold QR ring heights

    l can’ t be of immediate help, but there are a couple of calculators out there that might assist: http://www.mil-rad.com/scope_ring_calculator https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/scope-ring-height-clearance-calculator/ https://xlrindustries.com/pages/scope-ring-height-calculator https://www.midwayusa.com/how-to-guides/ring-height maximus otter
  9. I use Southwick quad sticks: https://youtu.be/Cobad2VfWJs My attitude is: if you’re going to the trouble of carrying all that palaver, why limit yourself to supporting just the front of the rifle? Quad sticks needn’t weigh any more than a trigger stick, yet you get the extra stability of the buttstock being cradled. I don’t go shooting without them. maximus otter
  10. maximus otter

    A first for me tonight

    😉 maximus otter
  11. maximus otter

    A first for me tonight

    Foxes, dogging. 🦊 😱 maximus otter
  12. maximus otter

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    I recall standing over some gooey remains on the tarmac, and a colleague saying to me, "Another **** who thought that traction control, ABS and four-wheel drive enabled him to contravene the laws of physics". maximus otter
  13. maximus otter

    Ammo from 1960s compared to today.

    1. lt’s difficult to understand your question. l think you’re asking whether a pass at DSC.1 is a legal requirement in order to shoot deer. The answer is “No”. 2. How were .22 centrefires “commoners’ calibres” in 1963, when the Deer Act became law? .303 from a sporterised SMLE I can see as a poor man’s tool, but not a .22 CF in a recently-introduced (1950s) calibre. maximus otter
  14. maximus otter

    License change for range practice and comps

    From memory any variation which does not increase the number of “weapons” on your FAC, is free. maximus otter
  15. maximus otter

    Performance economy chips for vehicles

    Geoff Hurst? maximus otter

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