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    Knocking small holes in small objects *waaaaaay* over there.

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  1. maximus otter

    EU Lead ban in ammo?

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” Auric Goldfinger maximus otter
  2. maximus otter

    Smk options

    😁 maximus otter
  3. maximus otter

    Smk options

    😁 l was with you in spirit. maximus otter
  4. maximus otter

    Inexpensive Bottled Water

    Fit a filter tap at home, and get unlimited supplies - er - on tap. maximus otter
  5. maximus otter

    "Times" pro-Deer hunting

    Many thanks for showing us a rare instance of common sense from the media re stalking. maximus otter
  6. maximus otter

    "Times" pro-Deer hunting

    A link would be excellent. maximus otter
  7. maximus otter


    What3words is accurate to 10 feet. Modern L5 band GPS is accurate to 8" - 12" maximus otter
  8. Chamfer tool received as described. Thanks for the deal. maximus otter
  9. l’ll have the RCBS chamfer/debur tool, please. maximus otter Edited to add: Apparently l can’t send PMs. Could you PM me, please?
  10. Ah, but we'll need a People's Vote on the issue... 😉 maximus otter
  11. maximus otter

    Walking the dog the other night

    Isn’t it terrible what you see when you haven’t got a gun? maximus otter
  12. maximus otter

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Early versions used casein glue; later versions Aerolite. maximus otter
  13. maximus otter

    I seem to have broken Strelok Pro

    I’ve taken Jayjay’s sensible advice and uninstalled/ reinstalled them. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks to all, and - don’t set your range increment to one yard! maximus otter
  14. I have iStrelok and Strelok Pro on an iPad and an iPhone 6. I was playing about with the inputs on the opening page. I clicked on Table and tried to set the range increment to 1 yard. Since then, every time I open Strelok Pro and click on Table, the program "kicks me out" to the Desktop and I have to open it again from scratch. Apparently, the minimum it "likes" is 5 yards. How do I get back to normal, please? maximus otter

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