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  1. Specifying which of the four possible models it is might help the sale. maximus otter
  2. Related question: From memory, my FAC has mods listed as “NVN” for “No Visible Number”. l’m scratching my head as to the meaning of the initialism “NVD”. Can someone clarify, please? maximus otter
  3. lt doesn’t go over both shoulders, but l use and recommend the Z-Aim Pro rifle sling: lt secures the rifle on the shoulder until needed, when the click of a Fastex buckle releases it. Good kit. maximus otter
  4. No. Air pistols are neither powerful nor accurate enough to hunt rats. Nor, l would imagine, could you shoot accurately enough. You’d maim or cripple twenty for every one you killed, and that’s not what we’re about. maximus “Former high level pistol competitor” otter
  5. I’ve used a .177” CO2 pistol loaded with flat-head wadcutter pellets. At “powder burn” range, its power level is academic. Distract Ratty by pushing a twig or piece of paper through the bars for him to attack; then, when he’s chewing on that, give him the good news in the top of the head. Job done. (Hint: Place the trap & live rat inside a large plastic bag - l use one of those charity collection bags that come through the letter box about ten times per day - as Ratty will flop and spurt for a good while. Saves cleanup time.) maximus otter
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