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    Knocking small holes in small objects *waaaaaay* over there.

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  1. maximus otter

    Going shooting during Covid-19

    My stalking mentor, a professional stalker on a large estate in Scotland, said that “The standard of debate on SD would disgrace an 8-year-old.” l found this out to my cost when l posted some carefully-researched information about a popular stalking load. All of the Colonel Faw-Faws (who seem to swarm on SD) pounced on me to tell me that what two different makes of chronograph - in the hands of two experienced users - had indicated, couldn’t in fact have happened. My polite attempts to restate my case were met with them metaphorically sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting “La-la-la, didn’t happen!” maximus otter
  2. maximus otter

    Looking to buy an LMT308SP

    Thanks, Alan maximus otter
  3. maximus otter

    Looking to buy an LMT308SP

    I believe it's the case that any variation that doesn't increase the number of "weapons" - I hate that term in this context - is free. Would that mean that the appropriate variation on your FAC would be free, and delayed only by your local force's response rate multiplied by the Wu Flu factor? Anyone else with more experience in this field than me? maximus otter
  4. The answer is simply to email Swarovski, and the lovely Cornelia will send you a pair of strap loop connectors free of charge, direct to your home (as I've now found out). maximus otter
  5. No. See the link I included. maximus otter
  6. I've just received my new Kuiu binocular harness, ordered from the USA based on its reviews. I want to use it with my new (2019) Swarovski EL Range 8 x 42 bins. On opening the package, I've fallen at the first hurdle: The securing of the Kuiu harness to the bins depends on the bins having a permanent loop attached to each barrel. The straps of the Kuiu thread through said loops. Unfortunately, the new Swarovskis have only a flush-mounted pin arrangement for attaching their own strap: I can't even detach the paracord from the Swarovskis' own neck strap to connect to the Kuiu, as it's held inside a sealed buckle-type arrangement. Am I missing something, or do I have to fork out £15 to send the Kuiu back to the States? maximus otter
  7. Grrr... Thanks, Alan. maximus otter
  8. As heading: Kuiu. maximus otter
  9. Does anyone know of a UK retailer with stocks of the Kuiu binocular harness? Second question: Does the “Large” in said harness fit the Swarovski 8 x 42 EL Range? maximus otter
  10. maximus otter

    Powder id??

    Would this database help? maximus otter
  11. maximus otter

    grab bag knife

    l, too, have had one for years, and l can put a shaving edge on a knife with it in five minutes. maximus otter
  12. maximus otter

    grab bag knife

    Buy one of these and thank me later. maximus otter
  13. maximus otter

    General Reflextion

    The Green Party is committed to introducing the following measures: The most dangerous weapons will be prohibited. These include handguns, multi-shot and high calibre weapons. There will be a complete ban on the private ownership/possession of all automatic and semi-automatic firearms. All deactivated weapons will be treated the same as active weapons in terms of prohibition and licensing... Licensing A single rigorous licensing process will be put in place based on considerations of public safety rather than the convenience of shooters. Subject to relevant criteria, licenses will be issued for permitted shotguns and rifles, all lethal airguns and permitted deactivated guns. Users of firearms for sporting or agricultural purposes will be required to demonstrate their competence in handling firearms and satisfy the authorities of their mental and emotional stability: Applicants should also be required to obtain the signature of, say, ten citizens (just as a prospective electoral candidate) who will vouch for the good character of the licence holder. This will discourage the 'loners' and socially isolated individuals who are most at risk of committing the horror that occurred at Dunblane and Hungerford. The cost of medical and psychological tests must be borne by the applicant, together with a new annual fee which is sufficient to repay the economic damage - to police, court and NHS - inflicted on it by the abuse of guns generally. When licences are awarded the onus will be on the applicant to demonstrate his or her suitability to handle firearms rather than on the authorities to prove the applicant's unsuitability. Licence holders will be required to renew their applications on an annual basis individuals whose licence application is rejected will be required to wait at least two years before re-applying. There will be a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and import of imitation weapons (replica guns and blank firers) and a ban on their public possession. https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/cj.html maximus otter
  14. l’d call that a big “Yes”: https://www.healthandcare.co.uk/tissue-forceps/lane-tissue-forceps-with-1-into-2-teeth-and-box-joint-200mm.html maximus otter

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