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300yds mcqueens

No i deer

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I had a dreadful start as the wind had changed..

My group was small but 3 inches right..

I couldnt understand at the time why my score was so bad until Norman came back and told me..

It made sense then.

i adjusted a minute right and it was a great line for the 2nd cof of 2v's 8a's then i noticed it was shooting 1/2 inch low..

clicked up..

3rd cof 3v's 7a's 🤩

now we're cooking 😋

4th cof 7v's 3a's is my new PB by 1 vbull 🤩😋

Bolthead said my 3v's 7a's was a smaller group than the cluster around the vbull in the photo 😳20230611_123238.thumb.jpg.c46f3c5363c4f355bcf2daa22eef0f03.jpg

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It's harder to shoot it well this time of the year..it was overcast this morning and very little mirage so that helped..

I have a technique that works well for me..

I've had 6v's 4a's a couple of times at 300yds.

It's been bloody roasting this afternoon.

I wouldn't of shot it very well this afternoon 

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4 hours ago, No i deer said:

We use the 1 inch vbull.

A 4 inch vbull is way to big.

Used my 24 inch 6.5x47 and 140gr hybrids over 41.5grs of RS62 

I suppose it depends which class you are shooting in. There's never been a 50:10 in G Class to my knowledge

Good shooting either way

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I'm not sure what class it would be...

Bipod,optics over 4 mag.

The LPSC is a practical rifle club who wins the Methuen Cup more often than not..

Bradders team beat us a few times..

I shot in the Methuen once but its not for me.

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1 hour ago, No i deer said:


The 6.5X47 really is a sweet shooter. I must admit I was expecting one of your 7 mils. 

I have stuck with the 6.5X47 and will be trying some 140gr bullets in a barrel I have just collected. I have been shooting 130gr for years. But want to see if the. 140’s will fly fast enough to make the most out of the BC advantage. 

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According to my bal cal the 140gr hybrids were doing 2757fps out of my 24 inch barrel.

41.5grs of RS62 comes up the neck..

If I pour it slowly it settles down better..

A drop tube would be better as the powder would compress less..

I double stroke the press arm to make sure bullet is seated right down.

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IMG-20230614-WA0007.thumb.jpeg.750e26539071fd1ce495ac67eb5e7e90.jpegIt's been a while since I checked the 140gr amaxs for hunting.


I suspected the turret moved as undid them or I nipped em up last time 🙄.

Only thing I don't like about the sightrons is that torque screw that secures the turret

3/4's took poi a tad too far. Took off a 1/420230614_211719.thumb.jpg.f67ac80e2603db4da46b2c9fbedefd17.jpg

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