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F class competition


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Hi everyone,

I am completely novice to f class comps, I have been shooting 1000 at bisley and doing OK. 

I was thinking off entering a comp in the imperial meeting but it all looks a bit confusing can anyone point me in right direction. 

Thank you

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I joined gb f class league a couple days ago then I blinked and comps sold out so looking to enter else were to get experience. Thanks for reply

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Try the Dorset Rifleman..

They shoot at Bisley mainly on Sundays.

It's an f class club and alot of the team gb f class open and ftr shooters are members..

I was a member for 5 years until recently..

If you want competition there is plenty there too test yourself against..

Send Bob D a pm..

He's the secretary of Dorset rifleman Screenshot_20230510_224836_Gmail.jpg.fba31bd4545276224e49db6b30d726f5.jpg

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No muzzle brakes are allowed..

I think moderators are but not in competition say in a gbfca match.

Gbfca matches.

There's a match at Diggle early June..

The long-range challenge is around the 23rd of June..

1000yds out too 1200yds.

I think Saturday is 2 & 15 to count matches








£110 entry fee.

There is a practice day on the Friday.. 


Some of the European championships days have sold out already..

Current I missed out on Wednesdays singles as they sold out.

Big Richie will sort extra lanes..

It was so far off it didn't occur too me to buy my places already..

Lots of really competitive matches there.


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I wouldn’t recommend shooting in the Europeans as a novice, not only will you be shooting against some of the best shooters in Europe, this year you will shooting against some of the best in the world, and as a novice that’s not fair on them, or you!
GB F class association used to run a introduction to F class course which was done to help novice shooters get familiar with how things are done, and it proved to be very popular. Since Covid it hasn’t been run, but this matter was brought up at the recent AGM and it is hoped that it will get going again.

As already mentioned Diggle or the Dorset riflemen clubs will hold you in good stead in what is expected from you and what you might expect. Another good competition for the novice is the Phoenix meeting at Bisley, it’s also very cheap.


If you’re serious about shooting F class send me a PM and I can probably find a bit of spare time to help you get going, but only if you’re seriously interested.

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If I was you GJD I would take up Elwoods offer if you’re serious. He saw me through my training and is one of he top shooters in Europe and shot in world championships in F open.  Mega experienced and nice guy. You would learn lots from a top f class contender 👍

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GJD - The only way of gaining experience is getting out there and shooting and there's no better learning curve than a "real life" competition. I would agree that the Europeans are a bit full on but you said you're a novice to competitions, not shooting and we do get new shooters entering.

There are several other venues and league matches throughout the year though so if you have any questions about formats, competitions, rules or just the general ins and outs, please fire over the questions and I'll do my best to answer them. My email is richsjones@hotmail.co.uk or richie@gbfca.co.uk

Hopefully, we'll be giving you a warm welcome and have you on the firing line with us soon.  

Cheers Richie

PS - Have you joined our GB F-Class Facebook page?

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