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Sightron Siii turret trouble

Mike C

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This relates to a Sightron Siii 10-50x60 with exposed tactical turrets with orangey/brown etched markings, but I know there are other Sightron models that use this same colour for marking.

I find the markings nigh impossible to see most of the time especially as they are on a black background. 

So without buying a new set of turrets in etched white has anyone successfully had a go at permanently over-colouring these markings in white or other brighter colour? 


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7 hours ago, No i deer said:

Try painting the etching with tippex and wipe off the surplus

I have a newer 8-32 with white markings and that's fine.

I'll be trying the paint and wipe off technique 😯. As you said, the replacement ones are rediculously priced....... for a cap! 

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Well here's the result using a little car touch up paint, a small amount of acetone, a few ear buds, paper towel, half an hour of precious time & bit of patience. 

Hopefully I won't end up turning the wrong way next time 😃




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4 hours ago, Woodlander said:

It’s also a pity the don’t etch the windage turret left and right…annoying for what is one of the best value scopes

Well at least I've got a R which I can now see! 

Looking forward to checking it out.

Perhaps Sightron etched them in dark gold colour originally to be more discrete for hunting reasons........ but it's not a hunter's scope 🤔.  Who knows why 😃

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  • 6 months later...

Bit late reply, but you can get golf club paint which you just infill and then wipe off the excess.

Ebay is your friend for this

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Thanks for the tip, found it a bit easier using those narrow tubes to apply the paint than daubing on the paint using a Q tip

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