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Long Eye Relief Scopes - Gallery Rifle


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Hi All,

I have a Winchester 94 AE with an XS Rail which looks similar to this IMAGE HERE and currently looking for a scope with long eye relief for use on Gallery Rifle circa 25 metre  ( .357 magnum).

Does anyone have any experience with Long Eye Relief scopes and recommend any scopes suitable for my application? I'm only looking to use for internal club comps and assist my peepers when target shooting (not sure what to budget for yet either).

Thanks in advance. 🙂


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Hi there 

you could try a pistol scope , I’ve tried one from  PAO on an air pistol with good results , otherwise it’s a dedicated scout type scope that’s needed as per the photo . Cheers 

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Just done a search for - scout riflescope long eye relief, and there’s loads I didn’t know about. Leuoplod vortex etc and same as the above post . Some reviews of best 5 scout scopes too . Have fun 

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Thanks all, Im planning on a week in the Peak district in the next few weeks and suspect I may identify places to visit that may just so happen to have some shops that stock scopes along the way..... 😉

Shhhhh....mums the word...... 😆



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10 minutes ago, gruntus said:

Hi Scrumbag,

I bought the XS set which allows the scope to be quickly removed from the rail and to also be able to use the ghost ring sight when removed.



Ah understood. I have had an XS sight installed on my 1892 Chiappa clone and it works OK. Just waiting for a sight stem which can take smaller apertures to turn up...

If you put Weaver blocks on your 94 AE you could of course use a NEGC or XS weaver peep sight.


The above isn't my rifle, it's a Canadian youtuber called Brobee223. I reckon with QD rings that would be a great iron sight / scope option on your 357.

Think that's a Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x28 IER Scout Rifle Scope | Uttings.co.uk


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