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Ward digiceptor anyone using this NV


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Digiceptor Rifle Scope

(Code: WDRS)
Shopping Satisfaction
Standard ScopeScope + LRF700 +£450
£ 1,950.00
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
  • Warden Digiceptor Rifle Scope
Current manufacturing lead time 4 weeks.

The Warden Digiceptor rifle scope provides day / night capability with zero compromise in it's night time performance.

The wide field of view from the fast objective lens and high sensitivity 1/2" sensor combines with a best in class 1024x768 OLED display to give 8x optical magnification. For the user this means enough magnification for shooting at extended ranges (400m+) and a wide field of view for easy scanning and tracking targets.

The body is all CNC machined from aluminium to maximise rigidity, robustness and zero retention.

The standard mounting system supplied is adaptable to fit most rifles with standard Picatinny rails without any eye relief problems. Special extended rails or mounts are not required for the Digiceptor. An interface to fit MAK mounts is also available as an option for rifles with that mounting interface.

The mounting system is also adjustable for windage to enable perfect bore sighting and a central reticule.

The electronics package of the Digiceptor includes:
Laser range finder (LRF700) compatibility (can be ordered as a package via the drop down at the top of the page).
5 memory profiles for scope setup, reticule and zero so you can have profiles for different rifles, ranges or ammunition types.
Electronic compass.
Cant meter to ensure rifle is perfectly level for long range shooting.
5 types of reticule also selectable black or white.

General specifications are:
B&W high sensitivity large format CCD 1/1.8" 768x582
F1.5/110mm Objective lens
8x Magnification
1cm click values at 100m
1024x768 Colour OLED display
0.0001-30,000 lux operating range
Batteries 2 x CR123A or re-chargeables (average 6 hour run time)
External power 5-12.5V
Dimensions 295x90x96mm
Weight 1KG
IP66 environmental protection
2 x Picatinny mounts for fitting accessories such as LRF700 and IR illuminators.

For use in complete darkness an IR illuminator and suitable mount is required. For shooting to 400m+ the Black Sun Dark Engine is an excellent lightweight option.

The Warden Digiceptor is supplied complete with rifle scope, Picatinny mount interface, video / power cable, user manual, soft carry case and 2 year warranty.

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Black-Sun-Dark-Engine-IR-small.jpg Black Sun Dark Engine IR illuminator
£ 96.00

Anyone got information relating to how these perform .


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I've had one for three years I think , I've got two Drones as well 

Build quality is far superior on the Digi but there's a slight wight penalty 

The claim that it can be taken off and refitted without losing zero using a torch driver  is abustley true amazing! I did up grade too the black sun which also works well with the Drones.

I use it on my 243 with no problem but I keep it for long range Foxing using the range finder 

i hope this helps 




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Hi Montey

Thanks very much for the reply. Just bought a PBir x and it’s transformed the drone , much better than an old nm800 . Not yet ready to jump to thermal as at the magnification I’m used to it’s all pixelated. Will have a deeper look into the digiceptor. Might make it the dedicated 223 sight and use the drone for the hmr . Xmas prezzie to myself to bypass wifey ??.

 Cheers have a good one 

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