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  1. How did you get hold 1000 on your ticket?
  2. Just checked and he is a member on here too, Bob57. The ad was for cases but all 17FB ammo is hens teeth.
  3. Third page of the Classifieds on the NVF is a wanted ad, your neck of the woods as well.
  4. No sat on my 204. BB is a top guy to deal with.
  5. spanner

    .22lr semi advice

    This is cheap : https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/408062-vollquartsen-superlite-22-lr/
  6. spanner

    .22lr semi advice

    Brian had a stainless Laminate and a wood and blued R55 IIRC.
  7. spanner

    .22lr semi advice

    Thompson if you can find one, Brian Fox had a couple isted last time I looked. His Website is offline currently.
  8. spanner


    Thread on the NVF and footage from Clive on You Tube.
  9. The supplied IR is OK for Airgun / Rimmy ranges but not CF.
  10. The Digex will white out badly with powerful I/R, you need a 940 Black Sun or similar.
  11. spanner

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Thats what I would do.
  12. spanner

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Can't a Gunsmith machine you one, even if you find another bolt not sure it would fit your rifle.
  13. spanner

    Anschutz 520 bolt

    Get a new ectractor put on it?

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