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Pulsar Digex C50

One on top of two

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Richard utting has just dropped this vid. It was recorded a while back using a preproduction model. 

The issue with the screen freeze function on the zeroing has been sorted. Been using mine all weekend  and will post some footage when I have time and settings are all sorted to my liking

my old drone is going on the evil bay tonight ( the king is dead ) 

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Right before anyone asks .. no I have not had chance to do a video yet ( I will do one before weekend, just flat out at min ) 

but in the few times I have had chance to play with it , I’m properly impressed with it , even the IR that comes with it is really good up to 150 m on bunny’s . Bung a decent laser on it and this unit really does come to life.

Standard pulsar IR for bunny’s out too 125-150 m

Fox shootable at 300m with aftermarket laser  

fox ID at the quoted 500m

white out problems of previous models sorted

zoom function actually useable at long distance

colour picture

use in dusk picture is still like daylight in the right mode

I’m using it with a pulsar helion XP50 pro  I believe this is going to be a fantastic combination in the field. 

is the NV image better than my old drone …… no . But it’s 100% with all the other benefits of a modern piece of tech 


In summary the C50 will be the new king .


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