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Tier one or Burris Rings?

Farmer rick

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Burris are good as long as you are sticking to one scope. The inserts allow you to centre your scope and elevate it if required. The XTR rings don't return to zero if you swap scopes. 

In an ideal world I would have quality rings like Tier One modified to accommodate Burris inserts.

I've tangled with scope mounts for 45+ years and I've yet to find a good solution that stands the test of time. Picatinny rails are a small step forward, but rings still seem stuck in the last century. Some manufacturers, including Tier One seem to struggle to make Picatinny rails to spec.



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Just my opionion.

i found the fixing screws in the tier ones a bit flimsy & easily damaged, by the not great quality driver bits supplied.

Also just recently had the use of a brand new set of Burris XTR rings and although i found the issue and resolved it.

When all the correct shims where fitted inthe correct places (to give 20 Moa Elevation), something just didnt do up correctly first time and no matter how much wind was dialed i could not get scope bore sighted.

I then noticed that the front bell of the scope was not sitting dead centre of the Pic Rail??

After removing and refitting spacers (all in the same configuration) it finaly sat centered on rifle and i was able to bore sight & first shots hit centrally on target.

I really did not like the variation that these rings gave, wether that was user error or poor design? i dont know. but to much possiblity of error for my liking. I am just glad i hadnt purchased these mounts, would have been disappointed

I have standard burris uni-mount and its great, no issues,

I know these are not in the same price range, But Spuhr and just fantastic.

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