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.300 PRC

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One of last weeks finished guns.

A .300 PRC. I can see this becoming a very popular cartridge , once the Lapua brass arrives. Its got a good 300 fps on the win mag, and doesn't have crappy belted brass.


This is built on the last of 3 McMillan actions I had, and I swore I would never sell the last one, but i've too many guns anyway.

Its the beautiful G30 action, as graceful as a swan, just look at that beautiful swept bolt handle..


A 30" Sassen cut rifled barrel, with a 1-9" twist is onboard, with an M18 x 1 muzzle thread and invisible cap, and one of my self timing brakes.

Fitted with a Bit n Andy tacsport trigger, and sat in a long action MDT ACC chassis.


Bead blasted finish.


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Nice looking boomer. Though I really don’t think the 300PRC has 300fps over the 300wm, given it’s the same case diameter, slightly shorter and has just 5% more case capacity.

The big thing I see going for it is less the belt but proper freebore. Being able to seat the long heavy bullets long gives a bit more boiler room. However an equally long throated 300wm removes any real advantage the 300PRC has over the standard 300wm. I’d say if building a custom gun, with long freebore, the 300wm & 300PRC are almost identical...barring the belt.

But it does look like a nice round, slightly less taper, a more modern 30 degree shoulder and longer neck does look great and should give good performance - especially with Lap brass as you note!

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Barrelled another one only yesterday. Its certainly gaining in popularity, and we now have the lap brass.

As can been seen from the cartridge pics above, its got a better shoulder and greater capacity.

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I've machined up a couple of Barrels for an AXMC, and also one for my own gun, but we still await the brass. Its now in the UK, just need to pick it up.

Then find time to actually go shooting.

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