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  1. Is there much interest in it's wee brother the 6.5 PRC ?
  2. Which is exactly what I mean by a contrived comparison. If the 6.5 CM is going to be compared to the 300WinMag then you should at least use bullets from the same century. The 6.5CM is nothing special except it can use high bc modern bullet so we should afford the 300WM the same luxury. So if you run the 300WM with a 230 Berger then the 65CM isn't at the races. Personally I am bored with 14 years of this crap.
  3. Have to say, I can never understand the desire to make MOA and MILS complicated. They are different definitions of an angle. There is a ruler in the scope, clicks on the turret. Adjust and shoot. No need to be able to translate that into linear dimensions on the target to make a hit. It may be interesting to understand the maths but there is no need. How is any of this hard ??
  4. And I think that's the split isn't it. Custom lets you get exactly what you want from a craftsman but you are potentially in a queue for parts. Resale value is determined by how "attractive" your spec is to the shooting community. With AI or Sako it is factory, so fully engineered product with service and spares on tap, designed to be easily reconfigured so potentially more of a platform. Volume production also helps iron out design and manufacturing issues. There is a resale market for these brands but it is probably thinner than people think. Pay your money, take your choice
  5. So the answer to my question is: "The thread on the AX 308 and AT, AW is M27 but the AXMC is larger at M30 so barrels between the std action and the magnum are not interchangeable,"
  6. I have a 2013 AX i.e. not the MC version. Is the thread on the barrel the same for all versions? Was it just the method of securing the barrel that changed with the MC in 2014?
  7. Possibly because they monetised the video ? If a youtube video makes between $3,400 and $40,000 per million views and this was watched more than 52 million times then the dude made between $176,800 and $2,080,000. Having said that, I didn't see any ads so maybe a missed opportunity. Not sure if youtube allow monetisation on shooting vids anyway. But $2,500 to get your name in front of 52m people sounds pretty cheap - 0.005 cents per view
  8. Chanonry

    Trail cam

    and as we discovered today the odd local baring his arse No end of surprises with one of these things
  9. Would love to but apparently you can't receive messages? Added them on here instead
  10. Sorry missed yer post. Yup I will put a couple of photos up here and pm you some more detailed shots. Give me an hour Andy
  11. Folding stock Accuracy International AX 7.62 + 243 barrel 2013 Model with spring adjustments for cheek riser and length of pull. Cant adjustment requires allen key. Tactical muzzle brake MAE moderator for the muzzle brake ie left hand thread. Integrated butt spike Various short picatinny rails to fit the chassis system 2 double stack magazines Third Eye Tactical (Tier One) 20 MOA Unimount with integrated bubble level. High 30mm mounts. Currently fitted with 28" Sassen barrel chambered for 243 specifically for the 107gr Sierra Matchking bullet. Fitted
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