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  1. Chanonry

    How many shots makes a group?

    Know what you mean. Sometimes I am working hard and the group is crud but then the right load just seems to group on its own. Odd but gratifying. Satterlee hasn't been 100% reliable for me. I got a fantastic load when I rebarreled the AX in 243 in 10 rounds (bit of luck sure) but got a real dog for the semi weight 270. Looked great but then threw occasional 3" vertical at 100 on the range. It feels a bit circular- if I start with components that are likely to give me a good load then it works quickly but if the load may be a bit flaky then it doesn't seem to be robust enough to find the narrow bands. Maybe thats the point. That's not a view with a huge amount of evidence to back it up, more of an idle thought...
  2. Chanonry

    New to FAC, looking for Bipod recommendations

    Me too. I seem to have developed an allergy to Harris since I bought a Fortmeier...
  3. Chanonry

    Online shopping moan 🤔

    nope. if you are online you are at a minimum a national business. it is caused by crap businesses offering to sell stuff they just don't have and cant get. its called a scam. crap businessmen not customers. If you can't see stock before you buy then don't. If they don't complete the contract get the card company to cancel. Easy.
  4. Chanonry

    Off the shelf relaoding bench..

    Easier than that. One Steel plate, two clamps. I suppose a solid bit of wood would work as well ? Open the bench a bit. Steel plate onto the surface. Clamp the press and steel plate onto the bench. One clamp angled in at the front, one at the back. You get the idea No drilling, no bolts, comes apart fast when you need the space for something else.
  5. Chanonry

    More scottish bans being proposed

    So its ok to annihilate them ? Really. You can't see the problem in this? We can soon change their legal status if all of this conservation is beyond you. The world must be a frightening place for you. Perhaps that's reflected in your views of the SNP being simultaneously Maxist and Fascist. It would seem that it is you that would benefit from some wider reading.
  6. Load of broccoli. Deer = ticks. No Deer = No Ticks. Loads of tick in my local park and no deer. Oh dear (!) there goes that theory. As for the supermarkets selling our wild venison. Dream on. They don't know where they have been so will only sell deer from farms so forget organic and think about sedated antler removal, cattle cobs (god knows what's in them). Thats why there is a growth in deer farming. No way I am eating that that which promotes growth and vigour.
  7. I don't see why. 2016. It took 3 years? Its hard to imagine a scenario less like a day on these ranges with our club. Not many LAW users with us and even fewer mobile night attacks. We have been shooting on that range ever since (until very recently) with nothing impacting us from that incident or the above review. Similarly there was an incident with a Para on Davy Shiel a bit before. No impact on civilian shooting. They expect us to be competent and don't bother us at all. Quite the reverse.
  8. It's certainly accurate. As for being appropriate, I don't see why not.
  9. Well it suits them fine doesn't it. Good excuse not to allow the civvies onto their ranges Ironic that its the Army that is undermining shooting sport. Can't get a range at the weekend because the officers don't want to work and the TA are never there. Can't get a range on a Friday as they all want to get away early. Can't get a range on a Monday as there is no one there first thing. Tough life for the idle officer class.
  10. Seems to be consistent though. Last time we were on the range we had an officer helping set targets ! Ironically on a range that we hadn't used for years and one that had more potential hazards than the ranges we used to use 😁
  11. Chanonry

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    still blaming the primer ...? 😂
  12. Chanonry

    223 roe bullet

    Interestingly for me I disagree with everything you have said. 😁 Gameking is far from stout in the 308 and 270 versions I have used. Quite the reverse it is fairly frangible to aid terminal performance at the "longer" ranges. ProHunter is the stout bullet allegedly, can't say I have tried it. No idea about 223 or other calibres though. 223 is a great round for roe at "normal" ranges. I have tended to shoot Roe with the 308 but many of my "best" kills have been with the 223 and with a lot less fuss and mess. It is a more forgiving round to shoot from imperfect positions so you should have less errors to start with. No need to be clever with shot placement either. Just bang it into position A and it will go down. The bigger target will reduce the incidence of errors as well. I have never had any reason to question its efficacy at woodland ranges and the only reason I have tended to carry a 308 in preference was in case I bumped into something larger. Can't say I have shot many roe at 90kg but thanks for the tip
  13. Just need Bungedit Inn (remember him ?) to carry it 😁
  14. Dear God, do you think they could add any more bolts on that mount ? Talk about over engineered

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