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  1. KatoomDownUnder

    English Chassis system

    Leyland.........................oh sorry you said good engineering 🤣 Back on track, this is a great looking bit of work. I really like the home grown efforts rather than the yank mass produced gear. Yep some of the yank stuff is really good but it seems like a lot of their stuff is becoming cookie cutter mass market, don't think for yourself, must follow the PSR blog surveys gear.
  2. KatoomDownUnder

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Ahhh yep makes sense.
  3. KatoomDownUnder

    My new Brake.

    Nice work Baldie, very nice indeed. If I can find it, I've got an old engineering paper at work on Muzzle Brake construction and effectiveness. Although it's based upon larger calibres (105mm) if I can find it I'll pass it on as it's quite interesting reading.
  4. KatoomDownUnder

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Quick question, other than to cool your brass down quickly why are you quenching your annealed brass?
  5. KatoomDownUnder

    Sphur or Tier One Mounts?

    I'm a fan of Spuhr mounts.......................... and Nightforce The new hunting series seem to be just as well made as the tactical ones. Whilst they aren't cheap I think you well and truly get good value for money.
  6. KatoomDownUnder

    Cleaning “precision” .22lr rifles

    Depends on what you're doing. If it's just going to be taken out and shot without sighting in etc then I'd leave the bore alone and just wipe everything else down but every now and then run a patch/felt through to get rid of carbon build up. If you're shooting competition with say an ISSF level rifle, then have a look at what the majority of the top shots do. You'll find they clean their rifles after each match but will generally only use patches or VFG Felts. They can get away with this as each match has a period for sighters, that and some will put rounds down range a day or two before a match. When I was competing I'd scrub the bore on my KK300 about twice a year to reduce the lead fouling but would put about 50-60 rounds through after to get it back on track before the next match. I was shooting an average of 3 training sessions/matches a week plus a monthly comp so 180-250 rounds a month min. I'd go with a one piece stainless rod and appropriate jags and brushes. A good quality gun oil is a must and there's plenty to choose from. Boretech's Rimfire blend is good for cleaning bores and Ballistol's Universal oil will do wonders but I'm not sure how it goes with lead. You'll get a thousand or more differing views on cleaning and a lot with come down to your experience and what you find works for you in your circumstances.
  7. KatoomDownUnder

    Booties ditch SA80 for C8

    It's almost funny to see the same sort of issues that you've had over in the UK about the wishes of some to adopt the AR15/M4 style wpn system are almost mirrored over here. Here it's partly put down to SF envy where the line battalions see the SF lads with the cool gear and want it too. We've now got the latest home grown variant of the old Steyr AUG, the EF88 in service and it seems to have fixed a lot of the issues with the previous models around weight and modularity (is that a word). The SF lot will retain the M4 wpn systems as it better suits their needs, especially when you consider justification points like compatibility with allied forces supply systems etc. There's been a reasonably good paper written on the whole F88 introduction into service, its ongoing evolution and the ongoing angst it's caused in some sections of the Army, I'll try and find the link.
  8. KatoomDownUnder

    Marlin 1894 - forend fit/bedding

    I've just added a Marlin 336 Dark Series in 30-30 to the safe and for a scrub gun it's not to badly put together. Certainly not the same quality levels as my AW or even my Pro Hunter but it's rugged and with a parkerised finish should survive getting dragged through the scrub chasing pigs and roos at close range. I've given some of the internals a going over with a very fine stone to remove some of the sharper edges left from the machining processes but stayed clear of the trigger. After about 250 rounds in a week it's starting to feel a lot smoother. I've heard the stories around the quality control and the "severe" dip in standards but from what I've seen and heard they seem to have recovered some what in that area. There's a couple of JM stamped Marlins over here for sale I might have a look at too if the budget allows.
  9. KatoomDownUnder

    .22 Rimfire military clone wish list?

    Jeez these bring back memories of the Jungle Warfare school at Tully. If you want stoppages then these kits will give them no worries, mind you the crap .22 ammo used might have contributed.
  10. KatoomDownUnder

    What tumbler

    Another option is to use a wet tumbler like a Thumbler or Lortone. https://www.aussiesapphire.com.au/tumbling/reloaders/ I use a Lortone 45C and it's capable of doing a max of 100 .308 cases. Another option is to use one of the cheap ones off fleabay.
  11. KatoomDownUnder

    Rifle bounce

    One good method to practice taking up a good position (prone) is to fire a group of about 10 rounds whilst having to get up and get each round from a pile several metres behind you. It's a good way to train yourself and if you can, have an experienced shooter observe you getting into position and correct where required.
  12. KatoomDownUnder

    Show your Accuracy International

    My AW perched nicely in a borrowed Hog saddle on a very nice PRS tripod.
  13. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Well there's certainly a big size difference between what we get supplied with the gat and what is milspec.
  14. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Ahh well same old story it's not the size of it but what you do with it
  15. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Ok so the external end measurements are: Front depth = 60.6mm Back depth = 70.3mm

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