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Labradar recoil triggers

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34 minutes ago, Kalahari said:

If the lead was long enough could it be attached to the action so as not to affect the barrel, but more "pushy" than on the stock?



Yes I make any length you desire, from 2.5m to 1m. I find 1.5m more than enough.

Don’t have to keep your Labradar by Muzzle any more, you can place right next you by action. See the photo. I have tested up 0.5m right or left from the barrel, with the sight you get, just aim at the target, will read the shots.




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9 minutes ago, 1066 said:

After several dead ends I settled on the flux capacitor method. :)

ah, thought that would be best.  Did you need a Mr Fusion as well?

No matter, I'll suss it out

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23 minutes ago, One on top of two said:

hmmm .

I have the R.A.T trigger if needed  but even with my mod on , I still registered every shot .

all the problems I have seen are from people failing to set there Labradar up correctly.

The Labradar is truly a bugga to set up especially with a mod.   I have made an inertial trigger that works well every time however it's still really important to align and sight in to avoid the loss of tracking error.

I'm quite happy to share the circuit diagram f.o.c. to those with a bit of electronics knowledge (provided there's a promise not to make money off my design).

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