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Jackson rifles are the UK importers and offer a warranty / repair service as far as I know 

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2 hours ago, johnnyb0_1 said:

Was looking at a new trigger for a remmy clone but reading the above post has steered me away from a Jewel.  

Hope you get sorted.  J. 

I have used Jewell triggers for 15+ years without any issues. I now have one that is surplus to requirements for sale.




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On 2/11/2020 at 2:32 PM, jcampbellsmith said:

I have a Jewell trigger for sale, if that's any help? 

Best regards 


Do you still have the trigger 

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6 hours ago, Harvey said:

I’m after the safety catch for my Jewel trigger if anyone knows where I can get one from?

Email Jewel direct, they will sell you the part and post it


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Alan's suggestion is a good one but I think they have an issue with sending parts outside the US.  I contacted them about sending lighter springs, offered to pay whatever the cost would be and they said no problem, they would send some but they never arrived and I've heard the same from other people as well.

I have a top safety lever with arms, plus (I think) all the other parts you may need (internal cam, torsion spring, a couple of slotted pins) although one of these came off a Rifle Basix trigger I swopped out for the Jewell as it worked better with the bolt release function on the RB, being a bit shorter.  My rifles don't have safeties so I just stripped it off a Jewell I bought with it attached.

Send me a PM if you want it.

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4 hours ago, Leeman said:

Alan's suggestion is a good one but I think they have an issue with sending parts outside the US. 

Ive just paid for some spares last week via credit card, I was told they had been posted on Friday.

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Fingers crossed they arrive OK Al.  If they have taken payment I assume they would follow through with the transaction.   The springs were supposed to be a freebie although I was more than happy to pay for the items and postage.  Maybe I am doing them a disservice but as I said I had heard from others about non supply of promised parts, presumably also freebies.  If you are going to order anything else let me know and maybe I'll get the spring(s) after all.


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