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PRL 2020 - what would you change???


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On 3/29/2020 at 5:05 PM, John MH said:

Very few actually gained from any 'sponsorship' last season, a few were being sponsored this year but not many. It is expensive and unfortunately there is not much that can be done to reduce the cost, may be sponsorship would be better spent reducing the cost for all rather than the select few but there aren't enough sponsors with spare cash to do that.

Typical cost for me for the 1st Round of this seasons PRL were £300 for entry fee and pre match training day at Orion, ammo (all hand-loaded but typically approx £0.85 per round not including time) £255, fuel £150 (3L Range Rover so that could be less), accommodation £285 for 3 nights in a AirBNB, meals and sundries lets say another £75 so thats already £965 not including barrel wear and breakages. I had planned to share the AirBNB but that would only save maybe £180.

The difference between £1200 to enter from across the Irish Sea would be the Ferry crossing costs.

PRL is not cheap and the cost to enter is the same no matter what class you shoot in, you can reduce cost by sharing travelling and accommodation and maybe camping but that's about it.

The cost that cannot be measured easily is 'her indoors' patience.

ya the boat is the bit adds so much on its more than the entry fees about £400 return . yous are lucky you have so meany ranges to shoot only a few over here i can only think of one that goes to 1000 its a mod range 


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23 hours ago, One on top of two said:

Yet again ... your missing the point ! 
this is about pushing the .22 PRL  , it’s not and never has been about slagging any part of it off and there has been no slagging it off , as you put ! 
its about ALL shooters have the same chance and opportunity to have fun . But some can’t afford The Fullbore PRL for reasons that have already been stated . 

you go on about sticking together.... that’s the whole point . 

ok , sure 

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A little update required and since I can't find where I would like to do it this Thread is probably best ? 

After the well documented issues I had with Gardeners Guns and a refund I would like to say that the issue has been resolved and a refund issued (thanks JMH) and as far as I am concerned the whole issue now has a line drawn under it as far as I am concerned.

The hatchet has been buried my end. 

I also apologise for some of my behaviour , turns out I was being lied to. You live and learn I suppose. 

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