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  1. paddy

    King of 2 Miles

    It’s not the sort of thing thing your going to go planking to much with a barrel every year or so
  2. paddy

    RWS Reloading Components

    ive some of there 338 seems ok so fair
  3. paddy

    King of 2 Miles

    whats the barrel life like on the cheytecs?
  4. paddy

    King of 2 Miles

    the 375 cheytac is a round that interests me
  5. paddy

    Best Precision Production Rifle

    ive a accuracy international at and i think its a great rifle ive a tikka tac as well again great rifle . if 3.5 k is your budget buy the likes of the tikka and spend the rest on the glass
  6. ya the boat is the bit adds so much on its more than the entry fees about £400 return . yous are lucky you have so meany ranges to shoot only a few over here i can only think of one that goes to 1000 its a mod range
  7. paddy

    Picatinny to tripod adapter

    thats the only rail i can fined for the awm
  8. paddy

    New Tripod choice

    could be they wouldn't post to uk but i put ireland in and was fine must just be the sellers
  9. paddy

    AI-AX / SSG08

    did you look at the sako m10 only rifle id think of changing one of my ais for
  10. its even more for us coming across the water maybe £1200 for the weekend
  11. paddy

    Ulfhednar Winter Bolt Comp Video

    looks a good competition
  12. good points cant argue with any of that
  13. paddy

    New Tripod choice

    the 52 is a lot smoother because it has the higher rating so im told that's why i went with a xb52 just something to think about i know the xb44 is a good head a friend has one but said he would have got the xb52 if it was out at the time .
  14. for me i like the elr day as for .22s they should be kept for the 22prl or mybe a small 22 shoot for kids i dont think we are doing enough to encourage the sport to the next generation coming up . look at the prs in the usa they have a bit for the kids maybe something we can do in the future .
  15. paddy

    New Tripod choice

    ya thats the site i was looking at seen some reviews where people had bother getting there stuff from it and it does not do paypal so not much come back . have you looked at the n52 head

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