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KRG Industry folder


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Good afternoon Gents,

I’m looking for some opinions on the KRG folder V Sako for use with the TRG.

I did own and regretfully sell the Sako folder on my TRG for which I had many hundreds of hours and shots while contract culling. However due to me breaking the rotation joint in my shoulder I could no longer manage the weight of the TRG and moved to a Tikka T3, subsequently I foolishly sold the TRG and all of flashy bits that I had acquired.

Two years on I’m back with the TRG and regretting selling the Folder and other bits.

The price of a new Sako folding stock is HUGE! so I have been looking at the KRG unit as an alternative... but, there is something about it that just doesn’t flick my switch?

Am I just unfairly comparing the two and just going with what I know? Admittedly I have not had any time behind the KRG unit and in fact never even held one that was connected to a TRG.

 I would appreciate any comments either for or against and would love to hear from anyone who may have a Sako Folding stock that they are willing to part with. I have 2 x spare fixed Stocks that I would even PX? 

Kind regards,



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Scotch had a TRG folding stock - he may still have it ?

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Looked on Snipershide and other US sites,

Not much information unfortunately if I discount the KRG fanboy comments on how “Sick and Bad ass” the stock is.

No real first hand objective reviews on use, weight, balance etc.

Somebody must have used the KRG folder and have some valid information?

I think maybe I’d better stick to what I know and start saving for an original Sako item. Any leads on anyone selling a folder would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Bob.  

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If you PM me I can send you the video - targetshooteronline@icloud.com

We had the one in the video and two others on our stand at the Harrogate Show.  One was the basic model - bit like a TRG and the third one was the titanium folder with carbon-fibre fore-end. They are excellent quality. I guess if you ever get to Bisley, Gary from March Scopes would bring one along.

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I have the KRG stock fitted on on my TRG that I got from Gary at March scopes. It was half the price of a SAKO folder.

I think it is a beautifully built bit of kit with excellent adjustment, good weight and the folder works well and makes cleaning easy without losing your set up. The one thing I would say is that you need to be careful to keep the cheek piece thumb wheel tight because if it comes out you can loose it - I lost the bolt once which was annoying although March got me two as replacements inside a week from TRG - would not expect that from beretta but could be being unfair. So a really well made bit of kit that performs well but needs sensible care and is not "trench warfare tactical", a bit like my BAT VR action.

hope that helps

The TRG was my first grown up rifle and I really like it but I do object to the pricing policy of Beretta on TRG accessories like the stock , mags and bipod etc. I got the rifle as a 2nd hand package off this website with the bipod but I now use an atlas adapter with picatinney and either an atlas or a Dolphin F/FTR bipod depending on what shooting I am doing.

Having picked up a AI AXMC in 300 WM for HME compliant long range I pimped the TRG up a bit with a 28 " proof bull barrel and shooting shed bag rider alongside the KRG stock at atlas adapter. No stalking rifle I accept and perhaps not one for the purist but it puts a smile on my face. Will try to put a photo up.

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That's Great,

Thank you. This is the end user kind of information that I was chasing.

It might be that the KRG folder is the only option as original Sako items are like Hens teeth!

Only wish that i had the foresight and kept all of my TRG spares and folder.

Kind regards, Bob.


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Your very welcome

I would also point out that March got me the replacement bolts free of charge (zero chance of that with Beretta) and I now have used a little loctite give that once it is set there is rarely a need to move it. Fitting it was very simple - although the plastic on it has a slightly more matt finish than my older TRG so not a perfect match but no odds to me.

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