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benelli m2 vs m3


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I've owned both and customised both.

The M2 is a cinch. Loads of bits available, and easily.

The M3 is a switchable pump/semi, and good fun. Its a heavier gun than the M2 though. Its main drawback when modifying though, is that, to the best of knowledge, there is only one company in the world [ think it was ducks unlimited in the states ] that does an extended mag tube for it. The tube nut is a different dimeter/thread to all the other benelli's out there, and they were expensive. I think i've bought half a dozen over the years, and they were always good to deal with however.

If you haven't shot a benelli, try one first.

they are recoil operated, which means if you are slightly built, or haven't the upper body strength to absorb the recoil, the gun will short stroke or stovepipe.

It was always a problem when shooting from the hip in PSG. If it has nothing to recoil against, the mechanism doesn't work properly.

A lot of that can be tuned out however.

A very reliable shotgun when set up correctly, and of course , dont carbon up like a gas opped shotgun does.

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As above have owned both but only currently own the M3. I have shot woodies with it but now it pretty much only comes out for PSG. It is shell fussy for the semi function as stated above as you need an unsubtle amount of energy. Have lighter trigger and hammer springs which have helped, also spending quite a bit of time playing with different shells to find the right one. For mine has to be at least 32gm and fast. Get that right and it is an animal as my shooting mates will attest. 

The party trick is that little switch at the front, you can enter multiple classes with one gun. 😊 that is cool as.

The M2 is a very good gun and IME less fussy than the M3 and is fairly tuneable but I just got bored with mine. The M3 is heavier but that equates to less felt recoil over a days shooting, also mine is now sporting Truglo pro series turkey sights and is remarkably accurate with rifled slug. 

The other one I would throw into the mix if you just want a pure semi is the Beretta 1301 comp. lovely light and smooth handling gun that will handle lighter loads as it’s gas operated. Also you need to think about the Mossberg JM pro as it’s what all the ‘sheep’ at our club use! 🤣 (that said none of those shoot slug like my M3!). 

Feel free to pm me with any more questions. 

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Owned an M2 practical (9+1) and it was a joy to shoot. Mild recoil and simply ate everything I fed it - very very reliable.

The only issue I had was the loading gate was very sharp and the loading gate spring was stiff, so would often bite your fingers if speed loading under time stress. But that can be worked out with aftermarket springs and loading gate.

Ive used a friends M3 and both he and I just struggled to get on with it. Being both pump and semi-auto, we'd often get confused over what to do, either pump or rack the bolt, when under time induced stress. 

I would agree with Baldie's point about trying Both guns. But if it were me, I'd choose either a pump or semi-auto...not a hybrid. Yes you can get used to it with enough training, but I would say it's just more habits you need to learn and get your head around. 

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Stoeger semi not a lot of money new, had this converted to FAC myself years ago although they now do a dedicated practical/FAC  model. Been a great tool never missed a beat regardless of what it’s been fed. 


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