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sabatti mrr

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 Hi Guys .Thinking about treating myself to 6.5 cm and like the look of the SABATTI ROVER TACTICAL .my question is if the Mrr rifling is so great ie accurate,faster velocities, longer barrel life why don't other companies like tikka,remington, savage and winchester adopt this method?.I would like to get the opinions of any SABATTI owners ? ps sorry if this topic has already been flogged to death

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I’ve has an STR in .308 for five years. Stonking, accurate gun. The locking bolt on the folding stock loosens on its own during shooting which is irritating, but you just get used to giving it a tighten every few shoots. 

I also have a .300 Win Mag which I had put in a Form Rifle stock. Repeatable 7mm groups at 100yards with 208gr ELD-Ms.

The only downside of Sabatti for me is that no one makes a ready inlet laminated stock for them. Getting my .300 Win Mag put in a nice stock cost more than the rifle. 

it hasn’t been an issue for me, yet, but I’m not sure what happens if you do manage to wear out an MRR barrel. They are supposed to life much longer than traditionally rifled barrels.

I’m umming and arring about a 6.5 CM and it is only the cost of the stock that’s holding me back from Sabatti. That said, particularly with 6.5 CM you really want a good wearing barrel.

Sabatti shoot far better than any other gun in their price bracket from my experience. My other favourite is CZ which again shoot far better than their price point, but don’t seem to have much in the heavier calibres

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