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grab bag knife


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For sometime now, I've ceased to 'buy-in' to the Mora advocacy;

just dug this out of the bottom of a drawer - do much battening with a Mora, and, one day, it'll reveal to you that it's only a partial tang design IMG_20200718_095211_697.thumb.jpg.2574372150a47f82cb09917d45087bcb.jpg

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4 hours ago, SchmidtP3 said:

It could be zombies, plagues of locusts, nuclear holocaust, the Greens winning the election - anything that might require a prepared daysack or bergen that is always good to go. It would be the one thing you would want/need to grab in a sheet hits the fan scenario, which would allow you sufficient supplies and equipment to make a fist of immediate survival.

It must be exhausting always standing by the back door, on one's toes ready to sprint off to ummmmm............somewhere. 😉

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On 7/18/2020 at 9:48 AM, brown dog said:

That's not a grab bag;

 that's a grab bag:


I would hope that would not be taken flying in that state, that bag of grenades is just waiting for the right moment to slide under and jam the cyclic.  

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On 1/4/2016 at 12:53 PM, bowji john said:

My preference would be for the mora also - cheap, functional with a high carbon steel blade - it keeps a keen edge and is easy to sharpen in the field


Folding knives as a rule are avoided as bushcraft / survival tools as they don't stand up to the riggers of processing wood for fires (battening and splitting and the like).


Orange handle is often found in survival packs for the obvious reason that they are easier to spot than the 'you can't see me' colours when you drop them or put them down somewhere

I love my Morakniv companions. Mine sharpen really easy, I rarely use a stone as the steel is enough to keep it sharp.

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