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  1. SchmidtP3

    Springfield m1903 a4 national match

    Have a look at 'By Sword and Musket' website. http://www.byswordandmusket.co.uk Seems to be a specialist and very knowledegable concerning the 1903, he would be able to help you out.
  2. There's a nice S&B 6x42 PMII on eBay with a mildot reticle, 30mm tube. Not illuminated though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143650679603
  3. SchmidtP3

    grab bag knife

  4. SchmidtP3

    grab bag knife

    It could be zombies, plagues of locusts, nuclear holocaust, the Greens winning the election - anything that might require a prepared daysack or bergen that is always good to go. It would be the one thing you would want/need to grab in a sheet hits the fan scenario, which would allow you sufficient supplies and equipment to make a fist of immediate survival.
  5. Thanks to Bond Villian, 100 cases left, £45 delivered RMSD.
  6. I have 200 x .338 Lapua RUAG once fired cases, £45/100 including delivery. ***both lots now sold*** Cases will need decapping and resizing.
  7. SchmidtP3

    Reasonable price bullets

  8. SchmidtP3

    6.5 Creedmoor Reloading (UK)

    As Andrew says really. What is your aim - cheap and plentiful plinking ammo, robust hunting round, decent target round or platinum laser? It's easy enough to look at a few components (powder, round, brass) and then work out a rough costing. Powder is easy enough to estimate - get an average per round grain weight and divide a pot of powder by that grain weight to figure out roughly how many rounds you'll get.
  9. SchmidtP3

    Remington bankruptcy?

    Agreed - make good equipment and leave the crappy rubber stocks and gewgaws off those firearms! Narrow the product line down again and pay attention to fit and finish of the product that hits the shelves.
  10. SchmidtP3

    Dry firing

    😲 Mental!
  11. SchmidtP3

    Cold bore shot

    I agree with that in a targetry context. I should have clarified that this, for me, is mostly in a hunting context, where the first shot should be the only shot (unless there is a second animal to shoot later). So when I zero at 100m, I would want my cold bore shot to be the same as my first shot in the field.
  12. SchmidtP3

    Cold bore shot

    Sure, and probably ok with a very lightly oiled barrel. I have decided to keep it as uniform and routine as possible, so patch out with alcohol, then dry before shooting. That way I know it is clear, and will minimise as much variation as possible (maybe one instance there was more oil than usual, maybe one time it evaporated more than others, maybe a piece of grit gets stuck in some tacky oil etc etc).
  13. SchmidtP3

    Cold bore shot

    If the warming of the chamber and barrel was a factor, would a string of shots therefore not all result in different POI's? Until you reach a critical temperature and it stabilises?

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