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New range of rails

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These are in addition to the rails already available.




This is a night vision extended rail for a rem 700 and is available in zero, ten and 20 MOA Cant. Its made from stainless steel and is available in Cerakote black, bead blast or natural finish.


Its £120.


This is a standard rem 700 rail, again, available in zero, ten and twenty MOA.




All rails are ambidextrous and ALL rails come with the correct fixing screws. Again available in choice of finishes.


All the above are avalable in Long action too.


The same rails are availble for the Tikka T3 and shortly the 595 and 695


Std length rails are £110


There will shortly be the option of all rails in Aluminium at a cheaper price. Watch this space.


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Good idea regarding the extended rail for night vision, this will help a lot of people using rear mounted add on kit.

It will also help with tall buggers like me with long necks, who can never seem to get the correct eye relief

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Any MOA is possible [within reason ] but there will be a surcharge for one-offs.


Regarding ones that hang over the back of an action, no Gary.

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Im in need of a RH 0 MOA 695 rail now Dave - how long before your in production?

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A rail without screws is as much use as tits on a fish.


Its very difficult for a gunsmith to aquire the american pitch screws, it would be even more difficult for the public.


I have not found anywhere in Britain that does these screws, I have to get them from the states.

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Guest Stacka

There is a few companies here in UK, I found one or two when I was looking for the screws when I had the Third Eye Tactical mount for my M595.


I had to buy in bulk. Ended up sending the remainder to a gent on here

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