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Hi all , it's been a while. I managed to get out last weekend with the 20 , and visited a Small shoot I'd not been to for a while. Most of the fields were in crop so no chance of a shot there but the farmer leaves 2 fields for sheep or cows and it's nice and easy , drive in shoot from vehicle window over bait! I seen a few rabbit and took one for bait for the magpies . After driving around the border of the 2 fields to help the magpies not get spooked, I dropped the bait and headed over to park up and wait. 2 minutes went by and Maggie#1 was downed. I'd set up at 200 . Drove over collected it and headed back.
The next one came after about 10 minutes. I missed high? Because on my initial drive round I'd taken a shot at one 405 yards on the far bank.it was a clean bore and windy and I'd prematurely pulled and missed to the right ! Oops! Been using my BR too much and this jewel is very light! BUT luckily it only moved 10 yards , i realised and rezeroed the turret and sent again to see feather flying- happy days . That was the last magpie of the day . That visit was overdue and the farmer wants rid of them so another trip will come next weekend once back from work...could not upload pics shame...

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2 more today , seen another pair on leaving the farm , there time will come ... Also seen a family of adult and juvenile jays messing around . With a well placed rabbit for bait should get 1 or 2 . There such a stunning bird just wish they would leave songbird alone .

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Personally I find Larsen traps work best, just shoot the ones that wont go in.


This year has been v quiet, only had about 15 maggies in top entry traps and maybe 25 crows in side entry traps. Got 2 maggies that wont go into a trap though so they need the fast lead treatment.



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I'd love to use larsens but am limited to time . I understand they work very well. But in a way I just enjoy blitzing them with fast lead too!


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First outing the other weekend  for 2020 , took the 6br was pretty windy . I hadn't realized id taken the wrong drop card . Hence i missed 2 crow initially then i sussed it . And each miss was high . Id got my chart for an older Hotter load . Strelok was giving wrong soloutions too . I only had one more shot on a crow that late afternoon 505y cant remember the adjusts id made may of been 7-8 moa elevation 1/2 for wind at that moment . This was with a new NXS 8-32 hs turret and shot was spot on . I didn't even see 1 magpie on the ground that afternoon , but seen a few flitter around . Perhaps we meet again .. 

Iv seen a family of young crow already strutting there stuff locally , seen a beautiful collerd dove yesterday picking twigs for nest building / i don't shoot dove btw . But it seems crow at least may be nest almost all year round with the fairly mild winters now? Hopefully this 3rd storm has passed and we can get on and try to do our bit helping the more vunerable birds during this season atb

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well i may as well post here , hope your all well and doing alright , spring / summers here and its my favourite time of year to hunt corvids , the farmer complains every time i pull up and chat to him - especially about the ravens , but its the carrions and magpies that are persistent predators and he wants them gone . had my first outing on a farm i hadn't been to since late last year  , and iv shot on this farm now for alot of years . its my favourite place to go the scenery is outstanding . i love hearing the lambs bleeting and you get that fresh spring smell in the air ! know what i mean ? its good exercise too. before i went i didn't expect to see much as all the years iv shot it iv thinned out most of the magpies that were in that area and the crows were soo wary they didnt use the ground that much the last couple of years as id shot many of there comrades . many times i went round without firing a shot . there is one upside to that , no gun to clean . so i hadn't expected to see much on this visit , there was a large group of carrion on the main field quite far out and i had the 20practical not the 6br so i couldn't go silly - range wise and the wind was way more than id expected . i left the carrions to it and pushed to more smaller fields using the banks / hedges to conceal my approach and came across a smaller field with a bunch of jackdaws on the right where the field banked up , but strait out in front at around 175 yards there were several magpies , i had to crawl to clear the trees to get the shot . basically shot the first one perfect , and a 5minute wait and number 2 landed chattering away at his messed up friend , and that was #2 . at this point i was thinking hmm will i get another , and yup one more eventually came down and #3 was taken too . soo , my first outing and  being uncertain that id see anything it turned out good for magpie thinning out . ps seen a beautiful roe buck at the large wood edge which is a bonus - no i wont be shooting it !  all the best 

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excellent ruger , getting 3 is outstanding but even better with air ! i salute you sir . 


im having trouble with local cats atm , keep using my rear garden and drive as a shitting / hunting ground even an airsoft toy avoiding face/eyes and ' non lethal ' they come back, there 5-6 i have seen and prob a lot more i haven't . tried to block all entrance but they get in little buggers . i hope to be out on the maggies soon . 

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