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real rarity

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Ha Ha Ha .....i,m still laughing like an idiot... :lol:


This beauty came in to the shop yesterday. I,ve been searching for years and begging people to sell me theirs.


Its an Armalite AR10 7.62.....and its MINE..... :lol::lol::lol:


Only 25 every converted/made in the UK.








5 x 20 round mags, and 2 x 10 rounders with it. I dropped a US optics 10 x 42 on it, and its gonna get fed this weekend. Just made a new cocking handle for it, as the original was lost.


Kinda makes up for being bald and ugly..... :lol:

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Mark has a plan for something similiar John, and i,m under strict orders not to nick his idea. :lol:


Unless there is something seriously wrong with this barrel, its staying like it is. Just as mr Armalite intended...308


Shot 40 rounds of privi through it and it cycles that crap, so with a small base die, and some average loads, i think it will run lovely. Its a 20" tube, so its effectivley a 600 yard gun. Dont plan on using it for comp work, just fun.

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Only 25 ever made Dave? I hadn't known they're that rare. Mine is numbered 19 digits after yours (made late 2008). We'll have a reamer soon, so it'll be interesting to see how it performs in 6.5mm Creedmoor.


If yours is like mine - and I can't see why it won't be - you'll find the Picatinny rail has no slope on it all, so it is severely range-constrained in .308W due to the available scope adjustment range. It also suffers the classic and well-known AR problem of inadequate eye relief when in the prone position - OK sitting, kneeling, off-hand etc. The answer to both is an extended and 20-MOA sloped Picatinny rail upon a Picatinny rail if you see what I mean! Midway UK sells the EGW model which seems to work fine.

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