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  1. jay222

    Do you trust your safety?

    Don't trust the safety catch but I will chamber a round and apply the safety when stalking before actually needing to take the shot as it is slower and far noisier to do it at the time and would cost a lot of spooked deer, I rely on good muzzle discipline to keep me and anyone or anything else safe
  2. jay222

    53gn Vmax and runners

    I've found them excellent from my .223
  3. Zeis conquest 6.5-20 would do nicely or a Leupold vx3 in the same mag would be good too
  4. jay222

    .22Br Valhalla

    That barley twist fluting looks stunning
  5. jay222

    £1000 rifle

    I've shot an ssg p2 and it was really accurate and nice to shoot, that was in .243 too
  6. jay222

    .22 shotshell

    I've seen them used on rats to good effect, they were the federal ones
  7. I've got a jetz on my 7mm rem mag does the job nicely
  8. jay222

    Leupold qrw rings

    That sounds like a winner, ill use this method next time
  9. jay222

    Leupold qrw rings

    I used grease on these ones, hopefully it's done the job
  10. jay222

    Leupold qrw rings

    Just got a set of these, the need to flex them over the scope tube just feels very wrong to me and I'm not looking forward to taking them off to see if they've marked the tube! Has anyone else got these and if so how did your scope take to the treatment?
  11. Can't speak for this actual scope but I've got two falcons and think they are great for the price
  12. jay222

    .22 lr, to clean or not to clean, that is the question???????

    I don't clean my .22 cz barrel at all and only clean the chamber, action and trigger group on my 10/22 so it doesn't jam

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