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  1. brave Echo niner

    Send It Series @ Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range

    Should be a good day, I'm looking forward to it!
  2. Hi Rick, Please could you confirm that the Picatinny rail I ordered off you has been posted and if so when. It has been over ten days since you confirmed you had the money and two weeks since I transferred the money and I still haven’t had sight of it. Ben
  3. brave Echo niner

    Arca swiss to picatinny adaptor

    Hi Dave, Looks good, will PM you now! Cheers, Ben
  4. brave Echo niner

    Arca swiss to picatinny adaptor

    Thanks for all the help guys, looks like both the RRS and the Area 419 is exactly what I'm looking for! I may go for the area 419 kit and bring over some other bits I've been looking at that they do. Ben
  5. Hi all, Following the 'Send it Shoot', while going through some reflections with another shooter, we both came to the conclusion that adding an Arca rail to my rifle would allow better versatility and that being able to interface my bipod with that rail so as to have quick adjustability of distance between rear support and bipod would be advantageous in stages such as shooting off tyres etc. A normal bipod mounted at usual length would be too far away from the rear support and would prohibit having the crucial two points of contact in this scenario. Hence I feel the need to use a bipod which will attach to Arca. I know that the MDT CYKE pod is the obvious choice, however I currently have a top-mounted Fortmeier which I love using, hence I don't really want to change! It is no issue with the set screw tightened to use it as an underslung bipod attached to a Picatinny rail, hence if I was to source an Arca swiss attachment with a Picatinny rail underslung it would allow the quick adjustment I desire without too much change to my kit. The only issue I am finding is sourcing one, I can only find one which is made by MPA and I cannot find anyone in the UK who stocks these. Does anyone know of any UK makers who do these or anyone in the UK who stocks them? I have attached a picture so people can see the sort I am meaning. Many thanks, Ben
  6. brave Echo niner

    Send it Series 2020

    For those not on Facebook, here are the final results! I believe an official write up is underway! Well done to all those shooting, it was a very enjoyable day with a challenging set of stages. Huge thanks to Marc, Helen and everyone else who helped make the day possible.
  7. brave Echo niner

    Long range scope

    I would always go down the Schmidt & Bender PM11, 4-16x50 for general PRS/casual targets/hunting, if you want something more dedicated to target shooting the 3-20X50 or the 5-25x56 would both be excellent choices, especially if you decide you want to go for longer range with a larger calibre in the future. Equally the build quality on Schmidt & Benders is excellent and there is a reason the military has used them for years (bombproof and reliable). To me, buy once and save the hassle of things going wrong... Just my thoughts. Ben
  8. brave Echo niner

    Tikka T3 bolt shroud

    Hi all, I currently own two semi custom Tikka T3s, overall the action is made very well and they shoot brilliantly, however as they are both using the old T3 action instead of the T3X action they have a plastic bolt shroud which has chipped at different points on both of them, I am therefore looking at other alternatives for the bolt shroud. I have seen several metal designs, but have heard bad stories of it impacting accuracy if the tolerances are too tight on the shroud. What bolt shrouds have other people fitted and how have you found them? Ben
  9. brave Echo niner

    AICS / MDT mags

    https://mdttac.com/eu_en/mdt-polymer-magazines.html These polymer mags hold 10 rounds of 223 or 5 rounds of 308. Hope this helps, Ben
  10. brave Echo niner

    Tikka T3 Mags

    All have now sold.
  11. brave Echo niner

    Tikka T3 Mags

    1x 5 round sold pending payment.
  12. brave Echo niner

    Tikka T3 Mags

    1x5 round sold.
  13. brave Echo niner

    Tikka T3 Mags

    3 round sold.
  14. Hi all,I have for sale 3 T3 magazines:2x 5 round1x 3 roundThese all have 'M' stamped on the block at the back so are for 308, 243, etc. (I have been using them for 308 so can confirm they definitely fit those)These magazines have been used but are still in good nick.£30 each plus postage.Cheers,Ben (Also for sale on Stalking Directory)

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