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  1. With all due respect there are few shots worse, gut shot maybe as well as brisket. I would re evaluate your statement of 'far from bad'. You should ideally for a chest shot be much lower in the body, you barely creased the deer. The shot made was obviously fatal in this case, but that sort of injury is painful and a deer can survive that sort of wound for prolonged periods. It is certainly not a guaranteed fatal shot with where it hit. If you wish to drop a deer on the spot you will have a greater margin for error with going through both shoulders, slightly forward of t
  2. Bump, feel free to send me an offer.I can send more pictures across to anyone who is interested. The price does also include a buttstock weight I forgot to mention in the initial paragraph (not fitted at time of the photo).
  3. Hi Guys,I have an MDT ESS chassis for a Tikka T3 S/A that is surplus to my requirements now.It is a 15" no rail fore-end, fixed elite stock (as found on the ACC, not the standard ESS) with the ESS arca adapter, 10.25" Arca rail, buttstock weight with an MDT buttstock weight and an MDT Elite grip.It has been an ace chassis and one that I very much like.I am only selling it as I have recently purchased an MDT ACC chassis which suits the competition-focused shooting my rifle does even better.I am looking for £950 ONO for the chassis with all the Arca and grip etc as a package, which is a signific
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