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  1. trazman

    Red stag hunt 2016

    Hello Cumbrian 1 and thanks. No I had to use my .300 win mag. I was not able to get a good long range expanding bullet for my .338 in time. I am waiting for 300gr bergers and 267gr Peregrine LRH bullets... The scenery really is stunning over there. Here is another photo from a different angle...
  2. trazman

    Red stag hunt 2016

    This is the video from my red stag hunt from last week. I didn't know where to post it. Please move it if it should be somewhere else...
  3. That is absolutely true. I will try to take over there some gongs when I find some time and I will do some more shooting...
  4. cm yes, sorry... It is not difficult, with a decent ammo and rifle it is pretty much easy...
  5. It is not such a big rock appx. 40x50 however it is really hard to climb up there and it is not a shooting range... The rock seemed a natural choice since there are no people walking around...
  6. trazman

    S&B PM2 reticle options

    I also have a 5-25 with P4f which is, as shuggy said, just right... The difference between P4F and MSR is just the scale that is different (in my opinion better on MSR) that is useful for ranging. If you don't need ranging it is the same which one you take. I suggest you to go with MIL/MIL since I believe that S6B doesn't offer a MOA reticle. Somebody will correct me if I am wrong...
  7. Yes it really seems a nice piece of equipment. I am also interested in opinions.
  8. trazman

    New to 338Edge: VV N170 or N570?

    Well most guys(including me) that I know they reload for a .338LM use N570. I guess that with a .338Edge it should work the same.
  9. trazman

    ballistic app advice

    If you have an Iphone also ballisticsarc works good: https://geoballistics.com
  10. trazman

    DIY Turret Wraps

    There is also an easier option: http://eu-lrh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=251
  11. trazman

    Neck bushing conundrum

    This video might help you.
  12. It is only right hand for now!
  13. trazman

    Swarovski x5i

    I just mounted it today. Hopefully next week we will start testing it...
  14. trazman

    Headspace importance

    An article I wrote about headspace measuring and proper resizing... http://eu-lrh.com/headspace-importance/

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