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  1. Thank you all again for your varied opinions, they make an interesting read. I know the AI and Sako are both up there in terms of cost and I could build a full custom for around the same money, but, and it’s a big but! Will a custom action sat in a PSE, McMillan or nice chassis really be much better for an average shooter like me? Or will time behind an AI or sako with a box full of ammunition and some further training improve me quicker.
  2. Thanks everyone for taking the effort to respond, it’s very much appreciated. The reason for the AX over the AT is I already shoot a custom .223 in an AICS stock which shoots well but I’ve got giant hands and find the thumbhole stock a bit strange and I’m a tart and it’s a bit samey! Even with the new pistol grip the at doesn’t appeal.
  3. Hi all, just looking for some opinions. I’ve got a slot for a 6.5 creed or which I intend to fill with a rifle primarily for target work which I am new to. I’ve joined bisley and also have ground to shoot over all around the country so I might buy a few gongs and stretch it out a bit when I become accustomed as to what’s required skill wise! The two rifles I have narrowed it down to are as follows. Accuracy international AX or sako trg 22 a1. I know a lot of you shoot the AI but does anyone have first hand experience of the Sako. What would be your choice and why? Thanks in advance, I look for
  4. Swear by fjallraven. Plenty of quiet unassuming waterproof trousers in their hounding range.
  5. Hi Robin, thank you very much for the comprehensive answers, I shall give grove a look. I should have been a bit clearer in what I was hoping to achieve. It is a scoped rifle that I am interested in shooting, my eyes wouldn’t allow me to see the end of a barrel with iron sights! I have plenty of land to shoot over around the country but to be honest it would be good to meet with people and actually learn something. After years of lightweight hunting rifles, I intend on treating myself to an AI AX to trouble some targets.
  6. Thank you all very much for the replies. A tour would be very much appreciated. I’ll have a look into the more local clubs.
  7. Hi all, I sat my 1 day probationary assessment at NRA bisley last week and I have now been accepted. Having only ever shot at living things and 100 yard zero targets before, I found the place quite daunting! I live in Norfolk but am planning to go on a fairly regular basis and have been granted a slot for a 6.5 creedmoor for range use. If there is anyone that wants a lift to and from Bisley who could take me under their respective wing to show me the ropes it would be much appreciated. Regards Adam.
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