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  1. fizzbangwhallop

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Looking good Gruntus 👍 I did a 100 batch of .243 cases a couple of months ago at two at a time and it didn’t make any noticeable difference to the temperature maintenance.... and of course it halved the time over doing one case at a time (why didn’t I think of that before! 🤪) The other thing that I tried and certainly helped, was taping a piece of rainwater downpipe to the edge of the bench with the bottom end just under the surface of the 2l jug of hot water on the floor. I did angle it away slightly so in the remote chance of any splashes making over a yard of flight went away from the salt pot. And it saved a lot of salty watery mess on the floor around the jug. cheers fizz 😎
  2. fizzbangwhallop

    Hand / bench primer .

    I’d agree with that... I’ve was on my second Lee hand primer but since I’ve started ultrasonic bath cleaning I’ve noticed that the primers took more effort due to the us removing the natural lubricity of the brass (the other theory is that my grip ain’t as good as it used to be! 😝 I looked at the Forster but loading the tube means handling the primers..... far easier to tip and flip them in the Lee tray. I mounted it on a block of ally and stuck on some rubber feet to make it easier to use and give ‘feel’ to the loading process. cheers Fizz
  3. fizzbangwhallop

    Ear protection

    I’m a happy convert to the EEP100’s fitted with the CENS Minos tips This thread over on SD is well worth reading..... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/electronic-earmuffs-fit.176014/ Direct link to the tips (is/was free postage through here).... https://www.puretone.net/product/mino-cens-foam-tips/ my first set of these are still good as opposed to the squeezable tips which came with the EEP’s which got manky very quickly...like with the first use. cheers fizz
  4. fizzbangwhallop

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    I bought it from APC in February last year.... just been across and logged in to search for it but with no joy ☹️ Someone mentioned in a post a few months ago that APC were selling it through their ebay shop but that didn’t bring anything up either. Have you tried ringing them? cheers Fizz
  5. fizzbangwhallop

    Electronic Seating Force Monitor

    I did a batch of salt annealing the other week with the hot water in the usual 2l measuring jug on the floor...... which normally results in water splashes all over the floor around the jug, ‘cept this time I gaffer taped a length of rainwater downpipe to the worktop with the bottom end under the water level in the jug. Made life a whole lot easier just dropping the hot cases down the tube rather than bending down and aiming the case at the water... as an extra precaution I angled the tube away from the salt annealer. I also halved the time taken by doing 2 cases at a time. cheers fizz
  6. fizzbangwhallop

    Bullet Coatings

    I bought some on Amazon back in April but haven’t got round to trying it yet, mainly as I didn’t have a clue as to how best to apply it...so many thanks to Catch-22 for the info above, very useful 👍 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07XZ45QZY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They do another size tin as well. cheers Fizz
  7. fizzbangwhallop

    ROGER & SPENCER main spring

    👍 They’ve done various bits of work for me over the years.... not least to my inherited Blanch hammer gun which included taking half the pull weight out of one of the mainsprings..... This was the recent thread on their work over on SD https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/potential-hammergun-restoration-project-need-informed-views.181332/ cheers fizz
  8. fizzbangwhallop

    ROGER & SPENCER main spring

    Ladbroke and Langton would be worth a call.... very helpful and very good. https://www.gunrepair.co.uk/ cheers fizz
  9. fizzbangwhallop

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    But...... that doesn’t go as far as letting you put it in rings, as soon as you do that it becomes ‘used’ and they won’t automatically refund you what you paid. Their view is that you’d be upset if they’d sent you one that had previously been returned and subsequently discovered even the faintest mark on inspection. “Has it been mounted?” is the first question they ask, the best way to answer that with a hand on heart “No” is not to get it near the rifle. Cheers Fizz
  10. fizzbangwhallop

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    🤣 Excellent! Reading this has just cost me the price of a double cd! I’ve had Canned Heat’s Living The Blues double album since the 60’s and quite often had the Refried Boogie, which covered both sides of the second lp, playing in the background as I was doing stuff that I could boogie to 😂. The record deck hasn’t been up and running for many years now so I’ve been missing it! Just found it on Amazon and pressed the go button! Apart from that.... music to load to includes Cream.....usually Wheels of Fire, Lynyrd Skynyrd live albums, Floyd’s live DSOTM etc Pulse. And anything else that takes my fancy.....Luther Allison’s The Thrill is Gone is another fave.... I’m sure I had an excellent Elmore James version on cd, perhaps not but I can’t find the bloody cd! Been hacking me off for years that. 😣 Hmmmm.....that Elmore James might have been the sky is crying....BB King also did The Thrill cheers Fizz
  11. fizzbangwhallop

    Balance beam powder scale

    I’m dead chuffed with it Alan..... I think consistency is key to all reloading and it pays dividends, last March I reloaded a batch of .243’s and started using them in August....this was my first (and only) shot at 100m to check zero against the existing batch. My regime is to de-cap, ultrasonic, salt anneal, trim as appropriate, run all cases through the rifle and neck-size or full size if they don’t chamber easily....works for me across my calibres.... My rifles are kept in the safe without scopes on ..... then it’s either a dayscope or the nv that gets fitted, with the .243 that’s several times a week at the moment (when it’s not bloody raining!)
  12. fizzbangwhallop

    Balance beam powder scale

    I’ve had a Targetmaster and a set of RCBS 5-10’s for 6 or 7 years now and wouldn’t go back to electronics... there’s been a recent thread on the Stalking Directory and it prompted me to time the Targetmaster whilst I was reloading batch of .243’s during last weeks crap weather.... Dropping a nearly charge from my Harrel .... the Targetmaster was finalising the load to the count of 5 or 6 whilst I seated the bullet in the previous case. When I’m doing the .20Prac or the .17Rem, I simply use a Lee scoop for the nearly charge. With the camera in place, I’m at 90degrees to the scales and just look at the computer screen to give me an instant visual check. If any are fraction low...ie with the pointer not quite covering the scale, just a touch on the go button is enough to drop a couple of kernels to bring it up. My set-up.... on a couple of Argos marble chopping boards with hi-fi equipment adjustable feet in the corners to get it dead level across the pivot.... that’s a super accurate ex-Air Ministry spirit level in there to check that..... Bite Pop’s hand off for the 10-10’s and get a Targetmaster....mine’s still running on the original batteries too, well impressed! cheers fizz
  13. fizzbangwhallop

    .204 data

    My .20Prac got better groups once I pushed the 39grn SBK's over the 3600fps threshold for the better ballistic coefficient value Its .270 for the 3400-3599fps range and .287 for 3600fps and above.... I'm using N133 and now, CCI450's (Tested in April last year and came out with a tighter ES than Rem7.5's, CCI400's and BR4's ) Cheers Fizz
  14. fizzbangwhallop


    I met PhilM several years ago......didn’t strike me as the type to wind anyone up, more likely ‘unavailable’ at the moment and unable to sign in to read the forum. cheers fizz
  15. fizzbangwhallop

    Electronic ear defenders

    I’ve got a pair of these on the go.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Honeywell-1018953-Howard-Leight-Defender/dp/B00D3FG2SS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Honeywell+Impact+pro&qid=1573393775&s=sports&sr=1-1-catcorr Half the price of some shooting based sellers taking the mickey! Following a thread over on SD, I’ve recently bought a pair of these eep-100’s from earshot (luckily just into stock but now on back-order again) https://www.earshotcommunications.co.uk/shop/product/3m-peltor-electronic-earplug-eep-100-eu/ The 3 sizes of the cupped eartips didn’t do much in the way of attenuation and the foam pair got uncomfortable after a while, so following the recommendation I’ve now bought some CENS Mino tips and they’re a lot more comfortable and easier to keep clean... bought from here as there’s no postage... http://www.puretoneretail.net/mino_industrial.html#reload SD thread... https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/electronic-earmuffs-fit.176014/ cheers fizz

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