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  1. I bought one a couple of years ago and never got round to using it as changed my stock. If you're interested pm me. 308, 6.5CM size. Andy
  2. force64

    First round blues

    Happens to me as well. Marlin 1895 26" Octagonal barrel Andy
  3. Rare opportunity to acquire an immaculate pristine K31. Bought this 3 years ago and put about 40 rounds through it and really accurate. Selling as looking to buy an M1 Carbine. Rifle was made in 1947 and basically not used. You'll be able to see from the photos everything is pristine, all matching serial numbers on bolt, action and magazine. There is a scope mount adapter that can be fitted and this involves no drilling. Original leather sling included and a Tourbon cheek pad. Looking for 800 pounds for the lot. I'm based near Gatwick. Thanks for looking, Andy.
  4. Schmidt & Bender PM1 3-12X50 non illuminated. Police Mildot Reticle. S&B confirmed made in 1997. Good condition with dial elevation and windage turrets. First Focal Plane and glass in great condition. Price £700 plus RMSD postage. Thanks for looking, Andy
  5. force64

    New Tripod choice

    This is interesting to watch
  6. force64

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Is that with large rifle primer or small one?
  7. force64

    30 moa rail

    I have a 20 MOA rail that is available. You could get all of the required MOA or additional MOA by using the Burris XTR rings which are available in 30mm and 34mm. https://www.burrisoptics.com/mounting-systems/rings/xtr-signature-rings pm me if you are interested. Andy
  8. force64

    Reload Swiss stockiest Essex / east London

    GT shooting in South East/Croydon London stock RS powders. 53 Chipstead Valley Road Coulsdon Surrey CR5 2RB
  9. Neil - the mug doesn't look you've used it!
  10. Dauntsey Guns near Chippenham which isn't a million miles away have 55 boxes! http://www.dauntseyguns.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=HORN-81500 Andy
  11. force64

    MDT ESS or XLR Evolution

    Why not have a combination of the two. I have MDT LSS plus XLR element rear.

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