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  1. Selling my 6.5x55 as a set up or rifle only. Set up consists of: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter in Boyd's Thumbhole stock / two stage single trigger / 3-12x50 Khales scope & Warne rings /Ase mod / Dies / bullets / cases and rounds if picked up.The scope/ rings / bipod & sling shown are not for sale, seep rate pics to follow. £875. Rifle only £425. Cheers Steve.
  2. Savage Steve

    Bullets free +

    Spoken for. Thanks.
  3. I've got a loose bag (100+) of 55gn FMJ .224 bullets. I don't want anything for them just cover postage please. Steve.
  4. Freyr & DevikSaur Titanium pro mod up to 8mm M15-1 thread with spigot bush if needed. Less than 50 rnds. £265 to RFD or f2f Would do a deal on a Wildcat Evo. Cheers Steve.
  5. Savage Steve

    Meopta R2. 1-6x24

    All sorted thanks. Steve
  6. Savage Steve

    Meopta R2. 1-6x24

    3-12x56 illuminated 4lp reticule non parallax would be perfect. Would obviously consider others. Steve.
  7. Savage Steve

    Meopta R2. 1-6x24

    Looking for £1000 worth of hunting scope.
  8. Meostar R2 1-6x24 RD 4C illuminated reticule. As new condition with original box,instructions and bikini cover. £700 Would look at a swap for a hunting/stalking scope, cash either way. Cheers Steve.
  9. One for sale on Stalking directory.
  10. This came as part of the deal on my new rifle, tail end of last year. Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3x42 flexichange it's got the Ballistic turret and Swarovski magnetic lens caps. ##### Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3x42P The most versatile rifle scope of the market for both driven/big game hunting and stalking. Combines a remarkable field of view for driven/big game hunting with a lightweight design, making it also ideal for mountain hunting. (available with the optional 4A-IF FLEXCHANGE reticle ) ##### It's just too good for me and I don't do driven game, I'm quite happy with the 3-12x56. £1775 Posted and insured. Pics to follow.. Cheers Steve. SOLD....SOLD....SOLD
  11. Ase Utra S5 up to .25 cal 1/2" UNF £140 to RFD or f2f ATec 119Hertz 6.5cal M15x1 Spigot £160 to RFD or f2f
  12. Savage Steve

    A-TEC mod

    Still for sale or swap.
  13. Savage Steve

    A-TEC mod

    Still available.
  14. A-TEC 119 hertz mod 15-1 spigot for 6.5 cal. Less than 100 rnds with original box etc. £150 to your RFD or F2F if local. Would consider a swap for a Wildcat Evo . Cheers Steve.

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